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Spotify made a hub for all things Netflix, Russia demands large tech companies set up local offices by 2022 and Apple delays its digital ID cards until 2022.

Nov 24

2 min 53 sec

Uber Eats users in Ontario can now buy cannabis through the app, Rolls-Royce's all-electric airplane smashes speed record, Ridley Scott says a Blade Runner TV series is in development.

Nov 23

2 min 35 sec

Adele had the power to remove the shuffle button from Spotify’s album pages, Pixel 6a leak suggests Google might finally ditch the headphone jack, El Salvador plans to create an entire city based on Bitcoin.

Nov 22

2 min 39 sec

Apple’s fully self-driving car ambitions reportedly still exist, Canadian police arrest teen for stealing $36.5 million in cryptocurrency and Google's new wireless charging Pixel stand has a fan and more power.

Nov 19

3 min 5 sec

Apple's self-service program will let you repair iPhones and Macs yourself, Google finally speeds up its fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Evo is an instant camera for grown-ups;.

Nov 18

3 min 17 sec

Activision Blizzard workers walk out and demand CEO Bobby Kotick's resignation, Microsoft is speeding up its Windows 11 rollout, Roku launches an 8K channel - but only for TCL TVs.

Nov 17

3 min 4 sec

Today’s headlines: Apple offers $30 million to settle off-the-clock bag search court case, Microsoft adds 76 more games to the Xbox backward compatibility program, Halo Infinite's free multiplayer is available to play now.

Nov 16

3 min 18 sec

Today’s headlines: Tesla’s Superchargers are getting Starlink satellite internet dishes, Gucci made an Xbox Series X for the one-percenters, Bitcoin's big code upgrade improves privacy and security.

Nov 15

3 min 15 sec

Today’s headlines: Rittenhouse defense incorrectly claims iPad pinch-to-zoom modifies footage Sony reportedly cuts PS5 production again as chip shortages and shipment issues bite, Panic's Playdate handheld is delayed, again, until 2022.

Nov 12

3 min 27 sec

Today’s headlines: Congress mandates anti-drunk driving technology for cars, iOS 15.2 beta introduces nearby AirTag searches, and YouTube will hide dislike counts for all videos.

Nov 11

2 min 54 sec

Today’s headlines: Peloton announces a smart camera for strength training, NVIDIA's new robot AI brain is six times more powerful than its predecessor, and Windows 11 SE and the $249 Surface Laptop SE are made for school kids.

Nov 10

4 min 3 sec

Today’s headlines: Wind and solar could meet 85 percent of current US electricity needs, Walmart is using driverless trucks to complete a seven-mile delivery loop, and AMD's first Zen 4 CPUs include a 128-core chip.

Nov 9

2 min 56 sec

Today’s headlines: Google blames Pixel 6’s slow fingerprint reader on ‘enhanced security’, Disney+ will let you watch 'Shang-Chi' and 12 Marvel films in a large IMAX format, and the next Galaxy S phone might have space for an S-Pen.

Nov 8

3 min 16 sec

Today’s headlines: Debt-laden soccer club FC Barcelona begins selling NFTs, Zero’s new electric motorcycle has in-app purchases for speed upgrades, Blue Origin loses lawsuit over NASA's SpaceX lunar-lander contract.

Nov 5

3 min 30 sec

Today’s headlines: Ford electrified a classic truck to show off its EV motor kit, Amazon's Ring Alarm Pro combines WiFi and security sensors, Nintendo’s big 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' update arrives a day early.

Nov 4

3 min 25 sec

Today’s headlines: 'Squid Game' cryptocurrency collapses in a $3 million scam, Microsoft Loop is a new Office app built for interconnected collaborative work, and 'Overwatch 2' and 'Diablo IV' have been delayed indefinitely.

Nov 3

3 min 16 sec

Today’s headlines: iPhones could soon detect car crashes and auto-dial 911, '5D' storage could fit 500TB on a CD-sized glass disc and Engadget’s guide to the best laptops and tablets to give as gifts.

Nov 2

3 min 29 sec

Today’s headlines: Apple's mixed reality headset might play 'high-quality' VR games, ‘Roblox’ returns after three-day outage and NASA”s Juno probe shows the first 3D view of Jupiter's atmosphere.

Nov 1

2 min 37 sec

Today’s headlines: Facebook is now called Meta, Sony has now sold over 13 million PS5s despite supply constraints, Mac revenue hits an all-time high last quarter, even without Apple’s new MacBook Pros.

Oct 29

3 min 20 sec

Today’s headlines: Google gives Android on tablets another shot with Android 12L, Intel's hybrid 12th-gen chips are a major strike against AMD and iOS 15’s SharePlay is finally here.

Oct 28

3 min 43 sec

Today’s headlines: US retailers stop selling security cameras made by several Chinese companies, Adobe brings Photoshop and Illustrator to the web, 'Dune: Part Two' arrives October 20th, 2023.

Oct 27

3 min 25 sec

Today’s headlines: Hertz reportedly orders a Tesla car fleet,.1 turns on SharePlay for Apple Fitness+.

Oct 26

3 min 23 sec

Today’s headlines: Tesla hikes prices across its EV lineup, Trump's social network was built on a platform it didn't properly license, Resident Evil's Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine come to 'Fortnite'.

Oct 25

2 min 43 sec

Today’s headlines: Sony's flagship A7 IV camera has a 33-megapixel sensor, 4K 60p video and more streaming options, Razer’s light-up smart face mask is here and the first ‘Uncharted’ movie trailer plays Nathan Drake's greatest hits.

Oct 22

3 min 28 sec

Today’s headlines: Some Windows 11 users can start testing Android apps, Netflix CEO says he 'screwed up' on Dave Chappelle as employees walk out, ‘Cyberpunk 2077' PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrades delayed until 2022.

Oct 21

3 min 5 sec

Today’s headlines: Google's Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro pack flagship features for $599 and $899, The Pixel Pass bundles a Pixel 6 with Google services for $45 per month, YouTube leak suggests Sony may announce its new flagship camera on October 21st.

Oct 20

3 min 53 sec

Today’s headlines: PS5 overtook Switch as the best-selling console in the US, Apple introduces its high-end MacBook Pros with new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, Disney delays all of Marvel’s 2022 films.

Oct 19

2 min 53 sec

Today’s headlines: Russian crew returns from shooting the first feature film on the ISS, Apple's new MacBook Pro chips may be called the M1 Pro and M1 Max, Some UK schools will use facial recognition to speed up lunch payments.

Oct 18

2 min 57 sec

Today’s headlines: HTC’s Vive Flow is a lighter VR headset built for entertainment and wellness, A planet orbiting a dead star offers a glimpse at our own solar system's fate, Nanoleaf Lines are customizable smart light bars.

Oct 15

3 min 1 sec

Today’s headlines: Apple may be exploring ways to use AirPods as health devices, Facebook’s latest effort to curtail leaks immediately leaked, William Shatner becomes the oldest person to reach space.

Oct 14

3 min 16 sec