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During his lifetime, Will Rogers spoke up for the common man and often, in a good natured way, provided the voice for those unheard to those in the halls of power. He is still keeping an eye on the people in Congress from his vantage point in Statuary Hall. He also grants a bit of good luck to those that are willing to break a few rules. withinpodcast.com

Nov 25

17 min 49 sec

One hundred years ago or so, George W. Carver enlisted college boys from the South to assist him in spreading his message, not just about farming innovations but also about racial reconciliation. Carver called them "his boys." I interview the Author of a new book about the correspondence between the Wizard of Tuskegee and one of his boys, Johnnie Pickle. withinpodcast.com https://www.powells.com/book/one-of-his-boys-9781588383716  

Oct 25

19 min 53 sec

There is a lonely stretch of road in our neck of the woods, the scariest spot in the County, called Beaver Gap. The superstitions of both the Native Americans and the hillbillies of the area fueled the stories of less than friendly spirits out there in the woods. This is the story of me , a station wagon full of classmates and the Big Scare at Beaver Gap. withinpodcast.com

Oct 25

12 min 17 sec

200 years ago, in the wilds of the then American frontier, Sequoyah, the Cherokee Cadmus, introduced his writing system to the members of his tribe that had moved west to escape the influence of the white man. Some thought it frivolous, some thought it sorcery...but Sequoyah was able to demonstrate his syllabary's usefulness. In just a few years it would be adopted by the entire tribe with a literacy rate much higher than their white neighbors. Sequoyah's writing system is a major component of  Cherokee language preservation today. www.withinpodcast.com

Jul 26

14 min 10 sec

A tale with a lost opportunity for a college education, a one-way train ride and the fate of a planet! Hear the amazing story of Kansas Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh and the discovery of Planet X/Pluto! Don't forget to share us with podcast listening friends and leave us a rating and review! Get in touch with us at contact@withinpodcast.com.  www.withinpodcast.com

Jul 12

19 min

Sometimes we forget how truly important seemingly ordinary things are to our own story. Hear how one small town rallied to save, of all things, a telephone booth and, in so doing, preserved a vital piece of communications history for us all.

Jun 28

13 min 6 sec

Two Kansas University Journalism students, suffering from a bad case of Senioritis and struggling through  their classes during the pandemic had a final assignment before graduation. After beginning work on their task, a documentary about local music during the quarantine, they were inspired by the subjects of their film. Hear the story of Still Spinning: Lawrence Music Survives a Pandemic. The documentary can be viewed at: https://freestatefestival.org/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht3KN1Mleeo Subjects: Chess Club: https://www.facebook.com/ChessClubBandKs/ Pale Tongue: https://www.facebook.com/paletongueband/ LAAND: https://www.laand.org/booking  www.withinpodcast.com

Jun 14

21 min 48 sec

Before the mouse, long before the Magic Kingdom, the cradle of the Golden Age of Animation was launched in Kansas City. The Laugh-O-grams studio was home to what would become the biggest names in animation. How was it that Kansas City, if only briefly, was the home of the masterminds of cartooning? www.withinpodcast.com Show Notes 0:00 Introduction 1:15 Newman's Theaters 2:37Laugh-O-gram Studios are born! 4:00 Bad Business deals 4:55 Alice's Wonderland and California 6:30 Mortimer 8:20 Conclusion

May 31

10 min 31 sec

The Ozark Mountains are dotted with odd-looking houses built during the Great Depression. When I was a kid, they served as a reminder of our "hillbilly" past and, compared to the new fangled pre-fab homes, they were out of date. It wasn't until a handful of them came on the chopping block in my hometown that I learned a valuable lesson about these homes and what they told us about those that built them. www.withinpodcast.com

May 17

14 min 48 sec

A stormy evening that presents a less than ideal recording environment turns into a little chat with the host about the show, where it came from ad hopefully where it's headed. www.withinpodcast.com

May 4

7 min 6 sec

There's a lot of talk about vaccines these days, but at one time the effort to end the scourge of polio through Dr. Salk's vaccine was focused on an unlikely, but aptly named place - Protection, Kansas. withinpodcast.com

Apr 14

9 min 24 sec

A childhood interest in how arrowheads were made, blossomed into the mastery of the almost lost art of flint knapping for Vyrl Keeter. His pursuit of the craft led to his designation as a Cherokee National Treasure. In this episode, Vyrl discusses all things knapping and gives a little advice along the way. www.withinpodcast.com

Mar 29

17 min 20 sec

Now that we can see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it's time for a review. What's the take away from our experience? We look at the arenas of business, education and family and what three folks in those fields see as things that are here to stay after the end of the pandemic. www.withinpodcast.com

Mar 15

25 min 42 sec

The song is significant enough to make the list of important recording in US history and a blacklist in Nazi Germany, but the road to cherished American classic was a long and unlikely one for the spiritual "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."  0:00 Introduction 1:21 Jubilee Singers 3:32 Success! 5:31 the story behind the story 8:13 Conclusion 10:02 Credits www.withinpodcast.com  

Feb 22

11 min 9 sec

With the closure of anything that would draw a crowd, local music and comedy venues fell silent as the pandemic spread. Even after the worst is over, it might be months before the big acts can get their tours together and head out across the country. Ben Wendt of Kansas City's Ope! Radio podcast sees this as a golden opportunity for local acts to fill the void. We talk to Ben about his optimistic view of the future of local entertainment! Show notes available at www.withinpodcast.com

Feb 9

12 min 10 sec

Late in 2020, Major League Baseball recognized several of the Negro Leagues that thrived from 1920 until the sport was integrated as their own. Now these overlooked athletes' stats will be included in the records of MLB, a place some have thought they should have been long ago.  But what is the story of the Negro Leagues? Our conversation with Raymond Doswell, Vice-president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, answers that question and more. The story of the Negro Leagues is about world-class players in a segregated society, but there is so much more to it. The Leagues represent the struggle for equality in a time not that different from our own! Introduction 2:45 The Negro Leagues 9:17 Reaction to MLB announcement 14:07 New recognition for Black Teams 17:24 Baseball as a Safe On-Ramp 21:09 More informed, together 21:57 Return of the Kansas City Monarchs 22:27 Credits www.withinpodcast.com

Jan 23

23 min 34 sec

"It seemed like a mountain we could climb" said Aaron Eubanks of the idea to build custom guitars that emerged during a game of cards. And climb they did. Eubanks, with co-conspirators Jason Crittenden and Billy Wigert, founded Mad N8V Guitars this past year. It's a story about three guys, all members of the Cherokee Nation, with a crazy idea. It's a story about the craftsmanship of making custom guitars and the learning that comes with it, but mostly it's a story about believing in yourself and following your dreams. Contact Mad N8V Guitars at madn8vguitars@gmail.com. Find them on Facebook: @madn8vguitars www.withinpodcast.com

Jan 4

22 min 17 sec

Hear the tale of my brief but tumultuous days as a Santa-ophile. Published in hopes to explain why I'm more of a Scrooge than a Bob Cratchit. My Christmas Carol has only one ghost. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" performed by Bob and Stephanie Martin. https://soundcloud.com/user-348524468-584122943?ref=clipboard&p=i&c=1 Written and produced by Steve Garrett www.withinpodcast.com

Dec 2020

11 min 43 sec

Maintaining a emotional balance has proven to be extra difficult in recent months. Mental health counselor Josh Cress joins us to discuss emotional distress tolerance and the Healthy Mind Platter. Josh Cress: A Healthy Mind 0:00 Introduction 0:51 Episode set up 2:01 Emotional Distress Tolerance 6;52 The Healthy Mind Platter 12:18 We're all in the Same Storm 14:37 Steve's Conclusion 15:49 Credits and Calls to Action More about Josh Cress: https://acg-kc.com/ Books Discussed: https://drdansiegel.com/book/the-whole-brain-child/ https://drdansiegel.com/book/brainstorm/ Find us at www.withinpodcast.com

Dec 2020

16 min 57 sec

A couple of years ago I did an episode about my hometown's oldest business, Fletcher Hardware. Today the store is gone, but in it's place is Fletcher Park. The park became a community vision on ground donated by the Fletcher family, a family that's been dedicated to that community since it's start. In honor of the dedication of Fletcher Park, I revisiting the interview from that previous episode. Although the store may be gone, the dedication to things that made it a landmark still ring true.  6RCT2lARCt9cppva4eLs    

Nov 2020

15 min 38 sec

On this 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, I bring you the story of my Great-grandmother, Mona Perkins and her first experience with the ballot box. She was a young upstart, her independence scandalized the small Oklahoma town in which she lived. But her intention to vote in the 1920 election was too much for some of the menfolk...

Nov 2020

6 min 33 sec

In the election of 1972, 18 year-olds were allowed the vote for the first time. We speak to a friend, Randy Pease, then an Indiana college student and one of those 18 year-olds casting their first ballot. He tells us of a tumultuous time in our history and in his life that reverberates to this day. Hear Randy's music on Amazon Music, Apple Music and ReverbNation.

Oct 2020

17 min 12 sec

Kate Barnard was elected to statewide office in Oklahoma before she could vote for herself. She was a young, progressive reformer applying her vision of society to the new state government...and making it stick. She became known as St. Kate to those that benefitted from her policies, but she was thorn in the side to those who sought to use their positions to enrich themselves. Hear the story Oklahoma's pioneering reformer.

Oct 2020

18 min 5 sec

Erskine Wood and Sara Bard Field were introduced by none other than Clarence Darrow as progressives that should know each other. They both individually were activists for worker’s right and women’s suffrage, but together they advocated for Free Love. Their story spans many years and thousands of letters that reveal much about them and their struggles and the times in which they lived. “Bohemians West: Free Love, Family and Radicals in Twentieth Century America” by Sherry Smith covers the story. The author spoke to us about the central characters, their correspondence and the writing of the book.

Sep 2020

20 min 37 sec

Louise Carson was a first time teacher, tasked with teaching 60 5 year-olds with no curriculum and little direction on a daily basis. She was my Kindergarten teacher and she taught me a lot. My wife, also a Kindergarten teacher, sent me armed with a list of questions to compare Mrs. Carson's class to present day. A lot has changed but I found I'm still learning from Mrs. Carson! www.withinpodcast.com

Aug 2020

14 min 4 sec

In this episode we discuss primary sources with Dr. Megan Kate Nelson and their importance to the book The Three Cornered War. Dr. Nelson explains how letters, reports and other narratives from the time, Civil War Era New Mexico Territory, added detail and substance to the story of the Union, the Confederacy and Native People in the Fight For the West.

Jul 2020

16 min 27 sec

When Austin's South X Southwest was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many up and coming artists lost some great opportunities to further their careers. Two enterprising guys from the Kansas City music scene determined to replace those lost opportunities... digitally. One of those artists was Love Mae C., who became the first featured guest on CXCW. Hear the story and Soul Siren Love Mae C.'s song "Get Me Around."  LOVEMAEC.com @sheislovemaec

Jun 2020

19 min 59 sec

A conversation with a licensed counselor about dealing with our emotions and mental health during this challenging time of COVID-19, quarantine and economic difficulty. Josh Cress of Ampersand Counseling Group shares with us a few strategies to better deal with these uncertain times.

Apr 2020

24 min 54 sec

We heard from Hannah Pithers a few months ago, emerging from a months long bout with Crohns, IBS and Colitis to find a  return to the life she loved. The journey continues, not just with this personal trainer getting back in shape, but challenging herself to do more for herself and others. Hannah operates FormfitnessKC with her husband Matt. Watch for her on a competition show somewhere on your TV dial soon!

Apr 2020

13 min 57 sec

The American Civil War is a much studied subject. Dr. Megan Kate Nelson visits with me about her new book "The Three Cornered War," a look at the struggle for the New Mexico Territory. The story is told expertly through the viewpoint of various characters of the struggle. Dr. Nelson is the author of  Ruin Nation: Destruction and the American Civil War and many articles on history and culture. More information can be found on Dr. Nelson at megankatenelson.com.

Apr 2020

20 min 19 sec

Tim O'Brien of O'Brien Communications and the Shaping Opinion podcast shares 5 tips to help us get through the COVID-19 and CoronaVirus crisis. 

Mar 2020

25 min 1 sec

Average college student by day, but he also doubles as Kansas City's youngest working comedian. What drives someone to face the greatest fear, that of public speaking, to get a few laughs? Find out from Dayton Bissett, the Kid of Kansas City comedy.  

Mar 2020

15 min 36 sec

Oklahoma has the dubious honor of sending the first certifiably insane person to Congress. Manuel Herrick served one term in Congress (1921-1923), but was able to stir up a lifetime of trouble in that two years. From airplane accidents to lawsuits over broken marriage proposals, Herrick had a knack for finding trouble. Hear the nearly forgotten story of Oklahoma's Certifiable Congressman!

Feb 2020

16 min 38 sec

Carbonated drinks in glass bottles are making a comeback. There was a time these "pop" bottles could be returned to grocery stores for a few cents per bottle. As a grade-school kid, that's how I made my extra spending money...and learned a valuable lesson from a local store keeper.

Jan 2020

12 min 6 sec

We often hear complaints about the lack of community in our country, from a lack of diversity to simply not knowing your neighbors. Could the design of our communities and homes play a part in this? I speak to an architect that believes borrowing a few ideas from the past might hold the key to building a better sense of community.

Jan 2020

17 min 4 sec

Memories of loved ones too soon gone are kept alive through stories, stories that tell who they were and who they still are. Recently, I gave an interview about becoming grateful through tragedy. In the interview, I discussed our journey through the loss of our son, Jacob. Even after the interview, there's still lots to tell about how our hearts are broken, but full. Full of memories of the good he put into the world. These particular memories involve a CD found in his car and a simple trip to the grocery store turned into something more. The stories behind them leave our hearts broken, but full.

Dec 2019

20 min 4 sec

It is one of the most recognizable songs the world over, but few know about it's start as a country music tear-jerker, and fewer still know about it's rocky road before it became renown. "You Are My Sunshine," even with it's status as a musical icon can add significant meaning to an evening in the backyard with the neighbor's kid.

Nov 2019

16 min 28 sec

Halloween is usually all fun and games...until you have something to prove. For my brother, it was unseating the reigning costume contest champion at the annual Halloween get-together. For me, it became a day of seeing into the future, celebrating the past and deciding what it was I wanted to be...

Oct 2019

15 min 49 sec

On February 27, 1914, Westville businessman PJ Dore was killed by Tandy Folsom. It's the stuff of local legend, but it serves as an illustration for a larger historical debate. Professor Greg Jackson of the podcast History That Doesn't Suck discusses the Frontier Thesis and opposition to the idea. Then we delve into the legend and how the truth of the matter presents a clash of cultures in the early days of the State of Oklahoma.

Oct 2019

20 min 22 sec

David Crockett (he never signed his name Davy Crockett) cut quite a figure in history. He was known as a frontiersman, a bear hunter, an Indian fighter and a hero of the Texas revolution, all in his short 49 years of life. But, according to Micheal Wallis, author of the book "David Crockett, the Lion of the West," it was his tenure in Congress and his stand against fellow Tennessean, President Andrew Jackson, that proves to be Crockett's most courage battle.

Sep 2019

19 min 7 sec

Recently America...and the world...celebrated the 50th Anniversary of men landing on the moon. In this episode we discuss the space program with a couple of friends of mine who can provide a unique perspective on the subject while keeping their feet firmly on the earth!

Jul 2019

26 min 14 sec

Punk Rock is more than music. It's a movement, "A thing you are," says one of our contributors to today's episode. Although it's seen as movement for young people, there are plenty that hang on to the philosophies and ethics, continuing to apply apply them to their changing lives.  We talk with several who were influenced early by Punk Rock and found it has stuck with them.

Jun 2019

31 min 6 sec

With no formal education and not speaking English, Sequoyah developed a writing system for the Cherokees that helped preserve their language and culture. Recently, two event, both involving the Cherokee language and both having a direct tie to Sequoyah although he died over 180 years ago.

Apr 2019

14 min 34 sec

Once a barrier to the westward expansion of the United States now just a reference on aged maps, the Great American Desert played a pivotal role in the development of many other parts of the country, all the while remaining virtually empty of white settlement, until...

Apr 2019

12 min 28 sec

Join us on this episode as friends from Within The Realm share Words of Wisdom that they have applied to their lives. A revealing look into the thoughts and personalities of these extraordinary folks!

Apr 2019

16 min 52 sec

There's a renewed interest in Judge Isaac Parker, Fort Smith's famed Hangin' Judge. Join us for an encore presentation of one of our earlier episodes about the fascinating life of Isaac Parker before he was the "Law West of Fort Smith."

Apr 2019

10 min 50 sec

We speak with Dr. Rick Farmer, a political Scientist who has done work in the area of legislative term limits. We discuss the pros and cons of this effort by voters to limit politicians.

Mar 2019

20 min 50 sec

"I believe we were put here to do hard things," says Nikki, a Mom of two little girls and an avid runner. Recently, she took took up a new challenge that tested both the Mom and the runner in her. Listen in to an inspiring talk with this determined soul!

Mar 2019

23 min 2 sec

Arthur was a mover and shaker. He was an innovator in the advertisement and insurance businesses, making a comfortable living for himself. He had a vision; connecting Kansas City to the Gulf of Mexico, a vision he saw through. Many towns including were built along his new rail line, two of which bore his name. He was a Captain of Industry - and he owed it all to the...voices.

Mar 2019

17 min 47 sec

Every Monday night, some of Kansas City's best songwriters gather at a little place called the RINO for an Open Mic Night called Song Lab. Now into it's second year, Song Lab has become a supportive community for the artists and a home on Monday Night. It was no accident. Organizer Ben Wendt tells us about making it happen and we hear from some of the artists themselves!

Mar 2019

17 min 54 sec