Fire Science Show

By Wojciech Wegrzynski

Fire Science Show is connecting fire researchers and practitioners with a society of fire engineers, firefighters, architects, designers and all others, who are genuinely interested in creating a fire-safe future. Through interviews with a diverse group of experts, we present the history of our field as well as the most novel advancements. We hope the Fire Science Show becomes your weekly source of fire science knowledge and entertainment.

  1. 1.
    022 - Combustion, fluid mechanics and fire safety engineering with Michael Gollner
  2. 2.
    021 - Resilient design for firefighter safety with Ali Ashrafi
  3. 3.
    020 - Fire Safety Engineering as a socio-technical system with Brian Meacham
  4. 4.
    019 - Modelling human behaviour in wildfire evacuation with Erica Kuligowski
  5. 5.
    018 - Engineered timber with Danny Hopkin
  6. 6.
    017 - Pyrolife - from fire resistance to fire resilience with Cathelijne Stoof
  7. 7.
    016 - The future of evacuation modelling with Enrico Ronchi and Ruggiero Lovreglio
  8. 8.
    015 - Global view on the fire safety from a starchitect perpective with Benjamin Ralph

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