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According to FastCompany, "the Stacking Benjamins podcast...strikes a great balance of fun and functional." Created live from Joe's mom's half-finished'll hear a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters about saving, investing, and risk management, and much more. Academy of Podcast winner for "best business podcast of the year," 2017 Plutus award winner for "best personal finance podcast," and Kiplinger magazine's only recommended personal finance podcast. You'll like this podcast if: you enjoy chatty, laid back money talk at a relaxed pace with lots of humor attached. You won't like this show if: you're looking for hard-core, genius money-nuggets presented at a fast pace.

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Not sure how to best use your 401k plan to stack some B's? Today the man many call the "father of the 401k," Ted Benna, joins us to share not just how he created the first 401k plan, but he'll also share some great tips for ensuring you are getting the maximum benefit from every contribution. During our headline, we talk about the wild ride that is NFTs. Who has the right to create and sell an NFT? Apparently not Quentin Tarantino. Listen to find out why he is being sued. Then we'll answer Nathan's question about his commercial mortgages. He wants to pay off one of them but which one should he pay first? Enjoy!

Nov 29

1 hr 8 min

What's your favorite game to play with family and friends? If you don't have a favorite, or if you're looking for a new game, we have good news for you. It's our annual board game episode and we talk to two great guests, Jamey Stegmaier and Shane Newell. Jamey gives us his list of favorites and Shane introduces us to his game Franklin's Fortune and we have links to all of them below so you can find a new game to play! Enjoy!

Nov 26

1 hr 14 min

On Monday we gave you a list of top Black Friday deals and today we are continuing the deals with all things tech! Bridget Carey from CNET joins us again this year to share the hottest tech items and deals you can find. Everything from TVs to Fisher-Price phones (yes, like the one a lot of us had as kids). During our headline, we talk about Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. She is currently on trial for fraud and we break down what we can all learn from her company's downfall. Then we'll throw out the Haven Life line to Doug who wants to know where to invest his funds. Enjoy!

Nov 24

1 hr 13 min

What's on your holiday wish list this year? Are you planning on running out on Black Friday to snag some deals? Lucky for you, we are making your holiday shopping a little easier. Regina Conway is back to share insights and deals for this Black Friday. She shares all the hottest deals and biggest discounts she is seeing to help narrow down your list. Do you have an FSA account? Here's your reminder to spend those funds before the December 31st deadline (but that could be changing for some). Shawna Hausman from helps us during our headline segment by breaking down the changes coming to FSA accounts and give tips to help spend those funds wisely. Enjoy!

Nov 22

1 hr 17 min

Have you ever received money advice that made you scratch your head in confusion? I was once told that I should buy a new car every few years because it would save on maintenance costs....I think the person giving me that advice forgot how much it costs to buy a car. Good news for you, our roundtable today discusses top money myths and how you can avoid making these same mistakes. Our regular contributors, Paula Pant, Len Penzo, and OG give their take on these top myths and share some of their own as well. And you don't want to miss Doug's trivia! Enjoy!

Nov 19

1 hr 13 min

How much thought do you put into where your food comes from and how the employees at your favorite restaurant are treated? If you're like most of us, probably not much. Corey Mintz is a former cook turned food writer and he is pulling back the curtain on some of the most pressing issues facing your waistline, your wallet, and the health and wallets of restaurant employees. How can we be more informed and spend our money more wisely by choosing restaurants that align with our values? Corey is here to help point us in the right direction! Good news for some savers! During our headline, we'll give you the deets on retirement plan contribution limits for 2022. The IRS updated some, but not all, contribution limits and we'll break it down. We'll also answer Tabitha's question about selling items on Ebay. Will she be taxed on the gains from the sale? We'll share! And Doug will enlighten us with his trivia question. Enjoy!

Nov 17

1 hr 8 min

Change. It's something most of us struggle with, but when it comes to money and building your plan, change will always be necessary. James Conklin is an author and consultant in organizational change and joins us today to share some of the most effective ways to navigate change that we've ever heard. How can we better adapt to change personally and professionally? And how can people and organizations affect change in a productive way? He shares it all with us today. But before that, during our headline segment, we talk about federal student loans with Amanda Hahnel from Fidelity Investments. Federal student loan payments will resume in 2022 and she shares some tips on how to be prepared. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Stan who has a question about real estate and Doug will share his trivia. Enjoy!

Nov 15

1 hr 10 min

Today we're packing the show full of holiday survival tips! From shopping to family gatherings, our roundtable shares their favorite tips and tricks for not just surviving, but surviving without completely emptying your wallet. This episode originally aired in 2019 so check out the original show notes here. Enjoy!

Nov 12

1 hr 8 min

Zillow is in the headlines recently, because they're real estate purchase program hasn't worked as expected and they're dumping properties purchased only months ago. Many of these properties are selling for less than the purchase price. Is this a sign of another real estate crash or just a bad business move on Zillow's part? The next few weeks will be telling, but if you are thinking of buying more real estate, we have a great show for you today. David Greene from BiggerPockets is here to help you grow your real estate empire. This episode originally aired in 2019 and you can see our original show notes here. Enjoy!

Nov 10

1 hr

Man, that time change is always hard. It's getting dark earlier and starting to feel more and more like winter. There's nothing the time change blues can't fix like an episode on managing time and how to make our days feel longer and more efficient. Ashley Whillans joins us to help us work through that never-ending feeling of not having enough time during our day. Where is your time really going? She will help work through that! Today's episode kicks off another rewind week and you can see our original show notes from 2020, here. Enjoy!

Nov 8

1 hr 6 min

If you could go back and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be? Maybe it's to take more chances or say adios to the boss that treats you horrible or maybe it's just to live life to the fullest and not worry about what others think. Today our roundtable discusses a blog piece from Ryan Holiday about mistakes he's made and advice he would give himself. Caleb Gulliams (Better Wealth), Paula Pant (Afford Anything), and Doc G (Earn & Invest) join our roundtable and talk about advice they'd give their younger self and the mistakes they've made. Enjoy!

Nov 5

1 hr 16 min

Our brains are complex and in charge of our emotions, memories and behaviors but just how connected are our brains and decisions about money? Maybe more than you realize. Dr. Paul Zak joins us to talk about our brains and money. Studies have shown that different parts of our brain light up on MRI scans when faced with different money decisions and purchases and this research can be used to predict how people will spend their money or feel about money. Using that knowledge and gamification, we can build better money habits. Video games and even games on our phones can help build better habits by encouraging saving and investing. During our headline, we talk about company retirement plans and savings rates in the U.S. Many companies don't offer 401k plans for employees, but should they? Joe and OG will give you their take but the real problem facing many Americans is that savings rates aren't nearly where they need to be. We'll break down those numbers too. Then we'll throw out the Haven Life line to William who is getting ready to sell a rental property and has questions about the capital gains tax due. Enjoy!

Nov 3

1 hr 9 min

Board games date back almost 5,000 years to the Egyptians but our games today look very different. Modern board games and video games have exploded in popularity and one of the most popular games in history is Dungeons & Dragons. Its history is long and full of success and turmoil as the founders faced legal and personal struggles. Jon Peterson is an expert in gaming and joins us today to share the story of D&D and how it became the game that nearly 50 million fans around the world know and love. During our headline, we are back with more cryptocurrency news as the first bitcoin ETF was approved recently. What do you need to know and how does it differ from buying bitcoin directly? We have all the details! Then we'll hear from Matt who wants our advice on his investing strategy. When is the best time to buy and what should he do? We'll let you know our thoughts! Enjoy!

Nov 1

1 hr 7 min

Most of us have made mistakes with money in our lives. What's your money horror story? Ever gotten caught up in a Venmo scam or been asked to pay the IRS in gift cards for taxes due? Sounds fishy but it happens to the best of us. Our roundtable today shares their scary money stories before the Halloween weekend. Our regular contributors, Paula Pant, Len Penzo, and OG share times they or someone they know has been caught in a sticky situation with money. Halfway through, Doug will share some of his toothbrush (?) related trivia. Enjoy!

Oct 29

1 hr 9 min

You might retire, but how do you retire happy? How do you imagine spending your time in retirement and does pre-planning make you happier? The host of the nation's longest-running financial radio call-in show, Wes Moss joins us to share his research on what makes for the happiest retirees. He'll share many secrets including those about hobbies, kids, and what workout even is best, on today's show During our headline, we welcome back Chuck Jaffe for his annual Halloween trick-or-treat money lessons. He's known in his neighborhood for a crazy personal finance game where he offers kids candy or a chance at some money when they trick-or-treat at his house. What will he do this year?! He'll share and give you tips on organizing your own game. Then we'll Magnify Steve's money and answer his question about retirement contributions and debt payoff. Should he save or eliminate the bills? And Doug will also share some beer-related trivia since today is, of all things, National beer day. Enjoy!

Oct 27

1 hr 17 min

How do you find success? Today, we'll help..."shine a light" on the path to a better work life (we're so, so clever!). Chesapeake Bay Candle has seen tremendous success and today founder Mei Xu joins us to share her secrets. Whether you're looking to climb the corporate ladder or create your own company, there's something for everyone in today's interview. During our headline, we welcome back Steve Kerber to share fire safety tips with us since October is fire safety awareness month. Fire spreads fast and seconds make all the difference when the flames are blazing. Then we'll magnify Dave's money who wants to know when you have enough for retirement. We deep dive into the idea of "enough," and you won't want to miss it. Enjoy!

Oct 25

1 hr 11 min

Mummies, pineapples, and board games (Joe's favorite!). What do these all have in common? They've all been seen as status symbols at some point in time. Today's status symbols might be fancy strollers, nice cars, or how many followers you have on Instagram. We see these everywhere and it's hard to ignore and not spend money on the same things. Our roundtable today discusses a piece about strange status symbols throughout time and how status symbols in general influence our spending. Paul Ollinger (Crazy Money podcast), Paula Pant (Afford Anything), and Len Penzo (Len Penzo dot Com) join our roundtable to talk about status symbols they've noticed and the impacts on our finances and life. Enjoy!

Oct 22

1 hr 6 min

We went campin' (well, Joe and Doc G did) and dug up some inspiring and amazing money stories from fellow campers. We are live today from Camp FI (financial independence) and Joe and special guest co-host Doc G (Earn and Invest) hear from four people about their journey to financial independence. One couple didn't start saving for retirement until age 50 and retired at age 60, one woman has been living abroad for 20 years after initially thinking she'd be there for 1 or 2, and two women share their massive debt payoff stories. These are sure to inspire and motivate you in your own journey and it was a blast talking to each of them. Enjoy!

Oct 20

1 hr 12 min

If you thought the days of crazy lawless activity left when the wild west was won, think again. The spirit of the Wild West continues in cryptocurrency. From the early investors, new coins and even some legal trouble, there's still lots to be uncovered in the world of crypto. Ethan Lou joined Doc G to talk about his experience with cryptocurrency and the major unknowns to still be uncovered with crypto. Is there still opportunity to buy into crypto and make loads of money like the early adopters? Ethan shares his take! During our headline we talk about the month of October in the stock market. It's no secret that October has seen some ugly stock market returns (1929, 1987, 2008 to name a few) but is it really as bad as we think? Robert Gilliland joins us to share his take on the market and give us some stats on the market as a whole. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Jennifer who wants to know how to fund her grandchild's education. And Doug will share some Bitcoin trivia. Enjoy!

Oct 18

1 hr 9 min

When did you start really thinking about, and maybe even stressing over, retirement? In your 50s, or 40s, or maybe even your 20s? Our discussion piece today, written by our friend Eric Brotman, talks about the increasing number of people in their early working career that are stressed about retirement. From stressing over saving enough money and comparing yourself to others (thanks, social media!) our contributors give their take and some tips they've learned over the years. Krista Edwards (Ready to Roth), Paula Pant (Afford Anything) and Len Penzo (len penzo dot com) join our roundtable and share the ways they've reduced their stress about retirement. Enjoy!

Oct 15

1 hr 9 min

There's a chance you've heard the words "passive investing", "index funds" or "ETF (exchange-traded fund)" but the history behind these is much longer (and more interesting!) than you probably imagined. Passive investing is extremely popular with investors today but that wasn't always the case. Robin Wigglesworth joins us today to talk about the history of index funds and ETFs and the key players that paved the way. During our headline, we talk about long-term care and the exponentially rising cost of care. Nursing homes are expensive and many people would prefer to have care in their own homes. We talk through some of the options and costs associated with those. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Jason who wants to know what to do with a business cash account that has accumulated a large balance. Doug will also share some Vanguard-related trivia since we are talking about passive investing today. Enjoy!

Oct 13

1 hr 13 min

Have you wanted to start a business but something is holding you back? Not enough time, resources or money? And maybe some fear as well. Today we talk to Shark Tank shark and real estate and business mogul, Barbara Corcoran about starting a successful business. She shares tips she's learned over her career and shares what you should (and shouldn't) focus too much of your time on. Those traditional business plans might not be all they are cracked up to be and she shares a different approach that has proved to be more successful. During our headline segment, Google tried (and failed) to start a banking program. They aren't the only company that has tried reinventing the banking industry over the last several years, and they won't be the last either. Then we'll throw out the Haven Life line to an anonymous caller that wants advice on how to fund fertility treatment. And Doug will share his trivia! Enjoy!

Oct 11

1 hr

Investing can feel like a rattlesnake hunt if you don't know what you are doing. Scary, surprising, and sometimes painful if you aren't careful. Our roundtable today discusses a piece comparing the world of investing and our emotions to a rattlesnake hunt (a real thing in the small town of Sinnemahoning, PA). Bob Wheeler (Money You Should Ask), Paula Pant (Afford Anything) and OG talk about how emotions play into our investing decisions and ways we can try to separate the emotion from the math. Enjoy!

Oct 8

1 hr 7 min

Human emotion makes us, well, human. While it's much more fun to feel happy, excited, or optimistic, there's no denying that we also feel sad, confused and frustrated at times. Helen Russell joins us today to talk about why feeling those negative emotions is important and how it can actually make us happier in the long run. She talks about validating the sadness and finding ways to cope and move forward to a happier life. During our headline, our friend Dave from Tennessee is in the news, but not for good reason. A former advertiser on Dave Ramsey's show is in hot water for deceptive business practices and we dive in. Then we talk about the in's and out's of required minimum distributions during our Haven Life line call. And Doug will include some of his trivia. Enjoy!

Oct 6

1 hr 11 min

Want to find more happiness? Think bigger than your own goals. We've said this a TON lately on the podcast, so today we look at how to make it happen. Sadly, as Lisa Greer has experienced, charitable giving can be much more difficult than we'd hoped. Lisa joins us to share her less-than-ideal donating experience and what questions you should ask to make the biggest impact with your money. During our headline we talk about how COVID and work from home has changed productivity and work hours. Some employees have found ways to significantly increase their income working from home, but there's a catch (as always). And Doug will deliver some of his amazing charitable-giving related trivia. Enjoy!

Oct 4

1 hr 11 min

What does retirement mean to you? Is it traveling, sitting on the beach or playing golf? Or maybe taking on a volunteer project? Or something completely different? Our roundtable today talks about what retirement means to them and what we can all watch out for when planning for retirement. We are joined by Wendy Mays from House of FI, Len Penzo and OG as they give us their take and tips to think about before retirement. Doug will also share some of his amazing CD trivia. Enjoy!

Oct 1

1 hr 5 min

Between the stock market, soaring housing prices, and the strive for financial independence, what's been top-of-mind for you lately? Maybe you are getting ready to retire and thinking about how you will spend your days or planning your jet-setting adventure around the world. Or maybe you are intensely focused on saving as much as possible in the market. Today, we are live from FinCon in Austin, Texas, with OG, Paula Pant (Afford Anything), Diania Merriam (EconoMe Conference) and very special guest Julien Saunders from Rich & Regular, to see what their audiences are most concerned about right now. We talk about everything from the stock market to risk management to marriage and family. Enjoy!

Sep 29

50 min 27 sec

Ever look at yourself in the mirror? Of course you have! How many times have you had to tell that person looking back at you to get out of the way? If you're like us, A TON. Mel Robbins discovered that one simple gesture in the morning can make all the difference in our decisions. She'll share details of her own ugly journey to success after financial hardship and how five seconds and high fives changed her outlook. High fives aren't just for big accomplishments or a way to communicate with friends. You can (and should) give yourself a high five every day for all the successes in your life, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Mel dives into the science behind how these small habits changed her life and how they can change yours too. We are back teaching you about annuities during our headline and one annuity company is pleading to independent financial advisors to give their products another shot. Annuities aren't always painted in the best light and we'll hear what this company is doing to change that. During our Magnify Money voicemail, Roy wants to pick Joe and OG's brains about their asset allocation. And of course we'll include some of Doug's trivia. Enjoy!

Sep 27

1 hr 9 min

Have you ever felt burnt out by trying too hard to save money or squeeze your budget too thin? That's what's known as "frugal fatigue". Sometimes we try so hard to cut expenses and save every penny that we end up spending more time and energy than we should. Paula, Len, and Chelsea Brennan join our roundtable today to talk about ways to avoid frugal fatigue. They talk about setting budget goals based on what matters most to you, creating "fun" budget items, and earning more when needed. Doug also shares some of his space-themed trivia. Listen to find out if Chelsea Brennan gets "Chelsea Brennan'd"! Enjoy!

Sep 24

1 hr 6 min

How does a trip to Ireland with a private car rental service and a beer-making class sound? Today we have all three of those for you, but presented as three awesome and financially sound separate stories. Today we feature three Stackers who all join us today to share their very personal money stories. First, we'll share Sara's story. She took a solo trip to Ireland that changed her outlook on her life and career (ultimately earning her much more money). The moves she made when she got home propelled her career far beyond what she'd imagined. Then we'll pivot to Christopher who rents out his car on Turo and shares his experience so far. Last, Ryan Mac shares his homebrew experience and how he got into making beer. He even sent Joe and OG some samples to try! Enjoy!

Sep 22

1 hr 8 min

Will you bank in the future the way you did in the past? What role will emerging financial systems like crypto and FinTech have in the future? Senior Brookings Fellow Eswar Prasad joins us today to talk about the future of money. He will share his opinions along with a look back at how we've gotten to the point we are at today. During our headline, it looks like some managers may be cheating on their target date fund management scheme. We'll dive in to asset allocation and target portfolios today. The popular 60/40 portfolio used by many investors has some investors questioning if the returns are enough to reach their goals. We talk about ways some fund managers are trying to boost those returns. And we'll throw out the Haven Life line to Justin who is working towards his CFP® certification and wants Joe and OG's advice when job searching. Doug will also share some of his trivia.

Sep 20

1 hr 10 min

How would you rate the different aspects of your life: fun & relaxation, personal & spiritual growth, business, money, health, family & friends, love & romance, and personal development? Then how much time and money do you invest in each category? Do the parts of your life that you value most match up with the parts you spend the most time and money on? Today our roundtable looks at a blog piece about spending money on what matters most to you. To help guide the conversation, we use a wheel that is used by many personal and business coaches to help categorize and visualize your life. We have a free download of that wheel below for you to follow along. Kyle Landis-Marinello, Paula Pant and Len Penzo join our roundtable today to discuss what they value most and how they spend their money on those aspects of their life.

Sep 17

1 hr 18 min

Studies show that our biggest enemy is often the one between our own ears. It can be hard to get out of your own head at times. Joyce Marter joins us today to talk about limiting beliefs and how we can practice an abundance mindset to be more successful. She is a psychotherapist, entrepreneur, author and speaker and sold her own business (that she'd started for $500) for many times more than what she expected--and multiple millions of dollars--once she got advice from others and got out of her own way. During our headline, we talk to Kamaron McNair about a piece she wrote for Magnify Money about investing behaviors and emotions. How many people have traded while drunk? She will let us know! She also talks about other money worries and how emotions have a play in trading and investing. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Mark who wants to know what you would do if you were given $100k in Bitcoin. Joe and OG will fill us in on their thoughts. And Doug will enlighten us all with his trivia! Enjoy!

Sep 15

1 hr 8 min

Why is it that nice guys always seem to finish last? There's something that doesn't seem fair about the jerks in the world winning in business and life. Does a middle ground exist, and is that the secret spot for success? David Bodanis argues there is a middle ground and using effective listening, respect and trust techniques and practices is the secret recipe to success. He joins us today to tell some incredible stories of how these principles have played out in people's lives in the past, so you can make better decisions in the future. Football is back--the American kind, anyway--and we dive into how one NFL team is partnering with a financial literacy firm to help educate Americans on money habits and skills to help grow their wealth. That leads to a discussion about the new Acorns SPAC, gamification in your financial plan, and meme stock performance. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Leah who wants to know why she's so torn about buying a house now. And to tie it all together, Doug will share some of his trivia. Find our show notes at Looking for a guide to our show? Here's the link: Enjoy!

Sep 13

1 hr 18 min

We have a great roundtable discussion for you and an interview with Kathryn Minshew, CEO of today. The roundtable starts off our episode by discussing the pros and cons of early retirement. Are there more cons than pros? According to our piece, there might be but our contributors weigh in with their opinions too. Then we talk to Kathryn Minshew about personal branding and how you can make sure your brand stands out from the rest. See our full original show notes here.

Sep 10

49 min 12 sec

The amazing real estate pro from Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan Serhant, joined us to walk us through highlights and lessons from his journey to success in real estate. He never expected to be a salesman, let alone a realtor, and it took him years to figure out his competitive advantage. He shares how we can all be better in business, sales and relationships with a few tips. Connection, initiative, and relationships with others are key to many aspects in business and he explains how each have contributed to his success. See our original show notes from the episode here. We've got another great rewind episode for you today, this time from 2018. Enjoy!

Sep 8

1 hr 15 min

How are you with cash? Credit? Putting money in investments? All of that begins with your mindset, and Jen Sincero joins us today to help you get your head in the right place.

Sep 6

1 hr

Do libra's really have a better chance of becoming billionaires than other zodiac signs? You'd think not, but according to one blog post, Libra's are only 9% of the population but make up 20% of billionaire. If you aren't lucky enough to be a Libra billionaire, what does your own zodiac sign mean for your money habits? Today we are joined by Jen Smith, Len Penzo and OG for a wide-ranging roundtable discussion where they don't hold back on their opinions of astrological signs (and that's putting it mildly)! They also talk about the personality traits of their own signs and how those might help, and hurt, their money and investing habits. To round out the show, Doug will share some Ronald Reagan trivia. Can OG keep his trivia lead? You'll find out today! Enjoy!

Sep 3

1 hr 8 min

How well do you understand life insurance? If you don't know as much as you should, an unscrupulous agent who meets with you might convince you to purchase a product that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of wasted dollars. Today we'll dive into the basics of life insurance, including, how insurances are priced, how term and permanent policies are different (and the same), and why most people shouldn't look at insurance as an investment. Even if you know some general "rules of thumb" about insurance, there's a good possibility that you should be able to round out your product knowledge in a deeper way. Speaking of unscrupulous, during our headlines segment we dive into a new alleged scam. How do you spot a financial "professional" who's really asking you to invest in a product that doesn't exist (or one that's not suitable)? We'll talk about clues to sniff out bad actors and also discuss the particulars of the investments that were used so that you know more about the upsides and downsides of the "weapons" this particular scammer used. It's a fun Wednesday deep dive for us! Hope you enjoy it!

Sep 1

1 hr 5 min

Want to move ahead faster in your career? Feeling uncreative and like you aren't moving? Stop waiting for others to design a curriculum for you and create your own. Today we'll talk to two men who've done exactly that for themselves and today will share their stories, tips, and tricks to becoming a leader faster through reading. Our guests today, Jeff Brown and Jesse Wisnewski, talk about the importance of reading for our personal and professional lives. They share how they've created their own reading curriculum and share tips for all of us. During our headline, we talk about Bitcoin and a country that is adopting it as an official currency. We discuss the challenges, advantages and cryptocurrency in general. We also throw out the Haven Life line to Steven who is new to financial planning and wants advice for career development. And Doug will share some book related trivia. See more on the show notes page: Stacking Benjamins dot com Check out our FREE guide to our shows: Stacking Benjamins Guide (The Stacker) Enjoy!

Aug 30

1 hr 15 min

It's that time! The 2021 Plutus Awards (co-hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and Natalie Torres-Haddad) will take place during FinCon in Austin, Texas on September 23rd. Today we announce the finalists with our friend Miranda Marquit (Planting Money Seeds). Then we turn things over to an all-star panel who'll share thoughts about all of our finalists in seven of the categories, plus share who they hope will win and who they think the Plutus Awards panel will choose. Thanks to Amy Blacklock (Women Who Money), Nadia Vanderhall (Brands + Bands), and Chris Hutchins (All The Hacks) for helping us make a great show! You'll find links to everyone on our show notes page at Stacking Benjamins dot com.

Aug 28

1 hr 44 min

How's your portfolio performing? Are your funds not performing as you'd hoped? Today we'll help you figure out how recent economic conditions, investing trends, and different asset classes affect your success! A few weeks ago, we held an awesome live Stack event on YouTube with Dr. Apollo Lupescu from Dimensional Funds where he dove into inflation, current market trends, and the overall economy. He also answered some listener's questions live! Today, you'll hear that discussion in it's entirety. After Dr. Lupescu, we finished out the event with OG answering additional financial questions from viewers. It was a great event so we are replaying it for you today for those who missed it. If you weren't notified of the Stack event ahead of time and would like to be included for our fall event, sign up for our free guide to the show here. In addition to exciting news and updates for upcoming events like the Stack, you'll also get the Monday and Wednesday show guides that are packed with lots of information on the topics we discuss in the shows and Joe's money lessons. Find our show notes at Find our free GUIDE to our Monday and Wednesday shows (plus news on when our next STACK event will occur): Enjoy!

Aug 27

1 hr 14 min

It's back-to-school season and with as much joy as that brings for parents (free babysitting, anyone? Just kidding. Okay, not really.), we are also bringing you back to school with your finances. Certified Financial Planner Eric Brotman joins us to break down your financial journey using the schoolyard analogy of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year. What do you need to think about and what can you tactically do at each step of your financial journey to ensure success? Each year builds upon the previous and he helps us break it down. During our headline, we'll talk about communication strategies between advisors and clients. FINRA may allow text messaging in the future; what does that mean for you? And how else can advisors effectively communicate with clients? We'll give you all the details. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line and talk about how to talk to family members about money concerns. And Doug will enlighten us with his soft drink trivia. Is it pop or soda? Hmm, maybe I don't want to start that debate too! (but we all know the right answer is soda). Enjoy! Find show notes at Subcribe to our FREE guide to the podcast at

Aug 25

1 hr 11 min

We hear a ton about "intergenerational wealth" lately, and a cornerstone of building a dynasty of Benjamin-stackers is knowing how to pass on your assets. But even if you don't have any assets yet, not having a good plan can still wreck your plans. On today's show, we'll dive into Estate Planning 101 with author Amy Blacklock, and begin with the bazillion dollar question, "Why do I need an estate plan if I have nothing?" You'll be surprised. We'll also answer basic questions, like, "Who would you want to handle your estate and who do you want to give your sweet super soaker collection to?" We'll tackle wills, trusts, estate planning for young people, and more. During our headline, we take a look at asset allocation and rebalancing. Rebalancing is important at any stage of your investing life, but why does it matter more during retirement? We'll find out and offer our thoughts on how and when to rebalance. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Joanne who asked a question in our Facebook group about an annuity she was pitched. We have (sometimes strong) opinions on annuities but we break this down and explain the red flags we see. Don't worry, we won't forget about Doug's trivia! Enjoy!

Aug 23

1 hr 9 min

There are two types of people who travel: those who meticulously plan every detail and spend hours strategizing so they can save every last penny, and on the other hand, there are those who buy whatever last-minute plane ticket they can find and stumbles into the first hotel they see. Which one are you? Our regular roundtable guests are all back together today to compete head-to-head to guess which top travel hacks a recent Kiplinger post references. Len, Paula, and OG not only go head-to-head to see who can guess which travel hacks are listed...they also share some great money-savers that didn't make the Kiplinger list. The show wouldn't be complete without some of Doug's trivia and he tries to throw off our roundtable with his radio-themed question today. Enjoy!

Aug 20

1 hr 1 min

You don't have to be wealthy to build wealth. That's the theme that kicks off today with our amazing panel, live from Podcast Movement in Nashville! Joe meets up with Mindy Jensen from BiggerPockets Money, Ben Brandt from Retirement Starts Today and Jennifer Grimson from Micro Empires to talk about what's impacting their audience most right now and the financial topics that seem to be top-of-mind. What money topics are most concerning in your life right now? We talk about the crazy real estate market and prices, FOMO, taxes, imposter syndrome, and more. Enjoy!

Aug 18

1 hr 5 min

How well do you share feedback, ask for what you want, or set expectations? Do you find that people aren't where you expect, doing what you'd hoped, or disappointing your expectations? If you need help with any of these, today's show is for you. Anyone can be a manager, but being a great communicator takes skill, time, and practice. From micromanaging to the sandwich feedback method, there's lots of improvement that can be made if you're managing anything, which will improve your team/family/partner's morale and success. Management expert, consultant, and Wharton professor Rachel Pacheco joins us today to talk about the management skills she's learned--and now teaches--to others. Frequent communication, effective feedback, and setting clear expectations are just a few of the points she discusses with us that you'll also find in her new book, Bringing Up the Boss. For our headline, we talk about all of the recent news on the #FreeBritney front, and just how hard it is to regain control from a conservatorship. We'll start with Britney Spears' troubles with her developing situation, how she's trying to set herself free, and the estate planning lessons we can all learn from it. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Frank who is getting a raise at work and wants to know what type of account he should save the additional funds to. And Doug's trivia is about one of the best shows on television, The Office. Enjoy!

Aug 16

1 hr 15 min

Why do we, as humans, feel like we never have enough? Enough money, enough time, enough resources. How can we overcome the limiting belief that we just need a little more for life to be perfect and instead live with internal and external security? Today we're LIVE on the Fireside app diving into this topic in maybe the most fun way you've ever heard. Don't take that the wrong way: we'll still cover the deep stuff, but in between a lot of laughs and interesting asides from the whole team. Financial planner Dawn Dahlby joins Len and OG on our roundtable today and they discuss a piece about human behavior in personal finance and having "enough". It's Friday the 13th and Doug lets us know his thoughts about popular superstitions on this day before giving us his magician-related trivia. Enjoy!

Aug 13

1 hr 5 min

What does rich mean to you? Lamborghinis and mansions? Well for Shannon Hayes, it meant something completely different, and she hit the reset button on the common view of "wealth" and achieved something that many may think is a greater form of richness. Shannon joins us today to tell the story of how she and her husband pivoted away from their careers and went back to the farm in search of the life they dreamed of. She talks about redefining what rich means to her and how we can all tune in to our goals and dreams a bit more. During our headline, the CFP Board is cracking down and proposing stricter punishment for CFP® professionals that do not report ethics violations. We discuss the importance of this and what it means to hire a CFP® professional versus another advisor. We also help Scott during our Haven Life line call and give him advice to keep moving toward his financial goals. And of course, Doug will enlighten us all with his gardening trivia. Enjoy!

Aug 11

1 hr 13 min

Think inflation is boring? Think again, because today we're asking the simple question (and a far more fun question than "what's up with inflation..."), "How much does a sandwich cost?" We wouldn't be asking that question if Len Penzo wasn't back for his annual sandwich survey! That's right, Len joins us today to walk through the findings of his annual survey of the cost of the 10 most popular brown bag sandwiches. Bologna is usually the cheapest and BLT is usually the most expensive. With the rising cost of some ingredients this year, do you think the results will be the same? Len describes his survey method and results with us and also shares the story of why he started the sandwich survey 13 years ago. During our headline, we take a look at Sylvester Stallone's rise to fame and he recounts his days as a struggling, broke actor. How did he beat the odds and become successful? In this news piece, he talks about his struggles early in life and how he overcame them. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Anna who has a question about IRA contributions, and specifically a backdoor Roth IRA. And Doug will share some of his Vatican trivia. Enjoy!

Aug 9

59 min 56 sec