9 Stories Up

Hunter Piermont

9 Stories Up is a narrative podcast for both memoir and fictional storytelling.

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In our very first, ground-breaking, never-been-done-before follow-up episode, we catch up with Rambling Nomad Craig Coleman as he shares his final stories from the road and heads out to sea with an old friend.


Nov 8

37 min 11 sec

Hunter explores a crossroads his grandfather faced 70 years ago and begins to reimagine life had the old man stayed with door number 1, only to realize he knew what he was doing after all . . . or did he?

Oct 7

43 min 2 sec

Vabs and Hunter catch up the virtual studio and get the Intermission episode back to its roots, discussing outside feedback on 9 Stories Up they recently received.  

Oct 5

30 min 47 sec

Hunter takes a break from 9 Stories Up to create a personalized episode for a friend fighting for his life against Covid-19

Jul 18

56 min 25 sec

Worried that he has waded too far into the nostalgic end of the pool, Hunter spends an hour on the virtual couch with Mike Bechtel, Chief Futurist at Deloitte to take a look beneath the surface.

May 8

43 min 47 sec

Ever wonder what it is like to drive a big rig?  Hunter catches up with podcaster and CDL flat bed driver Craig Coleman to talk trucking and the new perspective available from up in the cab.

Mar 6

59 min 54 sec

Hunter tracks down his long lost "Uncle Buck" to hear stories from the pre-internet sports betting industry and settle a debt he only recently realized he had.


Jan 3

39 min 41 sec

Vabs and Hunter stage a flashback episode in the style of 80s sitcoms to review and reflect on season 1


Jan 3

34 min 14 sec

Hunter examines a legacy of family conflicts and the conflicts of family legacy as his mother recounts her migration from South Georgia to NYC in the 1960s.


Jul 2020

1 hr 7 min

Imagine playing in the very first year of a little league.  Now put that little league in New York City.  Hunter reaches out to a panel of old friends to help tell the story (some incidental adult language).


Jun 2020

1 hr 11 min

Our plans for a larger panel with previous guests took a hit with the pandemic and then again when we set out to focus it on the pandemic.  But the one interview we did do, with Episode 3 star Katie Welch, reminded us that even amidst circumstances beyond anyone's control, good news is still possible.

May 2020

36 min

Hunter catches up with a mentor from his past as he comes to terms with the youth sports industrial complex and the role it has in his life and family (with the help of return guests from recent episodes).

Apr 2020

46 min 13 sec

One recurring theme of our nostalgia-heavy podcast are aspects of life that have faded from its fabric due to modern technology.  This episode features stories from multiple generations centering around the Late Night Bar Room Debate.

Mar 2020

26 min 26 sec

Everybody has a birthday and many of us have cute stories about some coincidences related to our birthday or those of loved ones.  In this episode we take you through a few of those from our own lives culminating in a birthday tribute to a member of the 9 Stories Up family.

Feb 2020

22 min 19 sec

Many of us say "it's like I got shot in the chest" (perhaps even adding an ironic "literally") while very few of us have actually had that happen.  In this episode we introduce stories close to our own lives to help the grammatically loose exaggerators out there truly understand the experience.

Feb 2020

56 min 56 sec

Our 9 episode first season is one third of the way complete.  If this were a hockey game we would head into the locker room to break down the first period.  I recruited my old friend Vabs to serve as "coach" for this intermission to help talk me through the good, bad, and ugly of our opening effort as well as catching him up on what "9 Stories Up" is all about.

Jan 2020

33 min 20 sec

In our first episode with an outside voice, we bring you into the world of Katie Welch, a trusting soul whose unwavering faith in humanity leads to misadventures that play like sitcom sub plots.

Jan 2020

14 min 32 sec

Hunter recounts a dubious first visit to his favorite ball park not named Yankee Stadium and it's connection to the grandfather he never met.  There is one beeped swear word in this episode.

Jan 2020

15 min 15 sec

In the story that inspired him to create 9 Stories Up, a medical discovery unravels Hunter's conception of self and forces him to investigate a family secret.

Jan 2020

24 min 18 sec