BA.Women Podcast with Emma Sievers

By BA.Women

With all the crazy buzzwords floating around these days, you might be wondering what we mean when we say “badass”? Perhaps the first image in your mind is someone wearing assless chaps, careening down the highway on a motorcycle at 75 miles per hour. While we can’t deny the inherent badassery in that act, we do, in fact, believe that being a badass is subjective and truly in the eyes of the beholder. Not to mention, it encompasses a whole hell of a lot more than just adrenaline-packed motorsports. Badasses feel. Badasses cry. Badasses binge eat ice cream and might prefer four wheels instead of two. Feelin’ us? Each guest on our podcast has created their own definition of the word, from what it looks like to how it feels — with unfiltered honesty about the roadblocks along the way.

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