As we are on the forefront of the innovations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape, new ideas and insights became an important factor that drives Alpha Finance Lab forward and up to date. The Alpha Podcast will serve as a platform for discussing the direction Alpha Finance Lab is going, upcoming Alpha Products, Alpha Launchpad projects, potential partners, usages and even key discussions happening in the Alpha community. Active Alpha Wolves or active community members can also be invited to join the podcast as guests. So sit back and relax, and hope you enjoy the show.

Episode 0
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Alpha Launchpad just launched its 3rd incubated project, GuildFi a gaming portal that aspires to be Guild 2.0 leveling up your GameFi journey by interconnecting ecosystem of games, NFT, and community across the Metaverse. Why did Alpha Launchpad incubate GuildFi as its 3rd incubated project? How does GuildFi answer the GameFi market demands? What will Alpha Wolves get from GuildFi? Listen to this episode with our special guest: Jarindr Thitadilaka, Co-Founder of GuildFi (Alpha Launchpad 3rd Incubated Project) 📢Announcement: 1. Last Episode Link: 👈 2. Provide Liquidity for BETA/ETH for 577.86% APR Link: 👈 3. Farming Strategy with Alpha Homora V2 Link: 👈

Nov 18

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Alpha Homora V2 concluded its 1-week launch on Avalanche. We have integrated farm pools from Trader Joe and Pangolin for our users to leverage yield farms on our platform to earn more yield. What will be the face of DeFi 2.0 and how Alpha Finance Lab, Trader Joe, and Pangolin will adapt their plans to suit this visionary. Listen to this episode with our special guest: Murloc, Co-Founder TraderJoe Leo Chen, Chief Operations Officer at Pangolin Ken Burbary, Chief Marketing Officer at Pangolin Listen to our previous episode here:

Oct 28

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AlphaX is a product built by Alpha Finance Lab, the 2nd product in the Alpha DeFi ecosystem after Alpha Homora. AlphaX is an innovative way to profit from crypto volatility. When taking a look at the current derivative trading concepts applied on-chain, there are 2 main concepts 1) perpetual swaps (e.g. dYdX, Perpetual Protocol, etc.) 2) leverage tokens (e.g. ETH2xFLI by IndexCoop although not exactly a derivative). AlphaX combines the pros of both concepts while learning from the cons of each to create a completely new concept - Strike Tokens. Strike Tokens is a completely new take on derivatives trading. With the Strike Tokens concept, AlphaX is designed to be very easy-to-use by any DeFi user and composable with any DeFi protocols on-chain.

Oct 7

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Alpha Finance Lab is expanding beyond DeFi and building its Metaverse ecosystem. How will they do it, and what value does it bring to the Alpha universe? Tascha as well as two special guests, Nippun the Co-Founder & Tech Lead at Alpha Finance Lab, and Swit / Nomobear the CTO at band protocol and the creator of Provably Rare Gems, is here to talk about it. What are their opinions on this subject? Find out in this podcast episode.

Sep 15

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Sep 14

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