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The Brand Narrative podcast features conversations about topics and concepts surrounding the world of brand, marketing, and the genealogy of meaningful ideas.

Guests are invited to share perspective, stories of bringing successful brands to market, and commentary about connecting with customers. Episodes endeavor to deliver something intriguing and notable (on most days) and include something useful to the entrepreneur, the marketing wonk, and the creative professional alike.

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In this episode of the Brand Narrative podcast, marketing agency leaders Matt Certo and Kelly Lafferman share marketplace ideas that have caught their attention. Links discussed in this episode include: Geigo commercial: Tag Team Helps with Dessers (YouTube) Scoop There it Is Ice Cream Leaked Video: Brooks rolls his eyes at Bryson The Match: Brooks vs Bryson PGA Tour Player Impact Program Swedish power company Vattenfall introduces "engineerapy" The Brand Narrative podcast is produced and published by Findsome & Winmore and hosted by Matt Certo, author of Formulaic: How Thriving Companies Market from the Core.

Nov 19

29 min 44 sec

In the latest episode of the Brand Narrative podcast, host Matt Certo of Findsome & Winmore welcomes Christopher Byrd of Innovative Flavors, LLC who shares the story of how we combined forces with legenday golfer Arnold Palmer and AriZona Beverages to merchandise the famous drink which currently sells over 1,000,000 cans per day. Byrd explains how a simple merchandising plan and a cold call to Mr. Palmer led to a leading consumer beverage with a cult following. Links discussed on the episode include: Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge Arnold Palmer: A Life Well Played (book) Arnold Palmer's Half and Half Iced Tea & Lemonade AriZona Beverages Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard Arnold Palmer SportsCenter (ESPN) Commercial The Mulligan (movie) * Arnold Palmer 30 for 30 Short (ESPN) The Brand Narrative podcast is produced and published by Findsome & Winmore and hosted by Matt Certo, author of Formulaic: How Thriving Companies Market from the Core.

Nov 15

38 min 58 sec

Links discussed on this episode include: Buzz Bruggeman (Twitter account) ActiveWords home page Marvin Minsky Wikipedia page W. Edwards Deming Wikipedia page Getting Things Done (book) by David Allen Give and Take (book) by Adam Grant Substack Contagious (book) by Jonah Berger

Nov 5

59 min 12 sec

In this episode of Brand Narrative, we speak with Gideon's Bakehouse owner and Founder Steve Lewis about the extraordinary rise of his bakery concept and what drives the truly spectacular demand for his products. Topics and links discussed during the episode include: Gideon's Bakehouse Home Page Gideon's Bakehouse FAQ page East End Market Disney Springs Gideon's Bakehouse Instagram Presence Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs Places page The Words (film) 4Rivers Smokehouse Snackwells cookie craze

Oct 28

57 min 35 sec

This episode of Brand Narrative welcomes renowned landscape architect Christina Hite of Dix Hite, an award-winning landscape architecture firm with offices in the Southeastern United States. Links discussed on this episode include: Dix.Hite+Partners Firm Website Christina Hite Appointment to ASLA Council of Fellows 25th Anniversary year of ACTION Dix.Hite project portfolio onePULSE Foundation

Oct 19

40 min 21 sec

In this episode of Brand Narrative host Matt Certo is joined by Management and Strategy expert and Arizona State Professor (and brother), Dr. Trevis Certo as he recounts his experience with a family car model that has been reported to have severe safety concerns. Links discussed in this episode include: S. Trevis Certo professional biography Reported Photo of product catching fire Reported Video of product fire Chevy Bolt product page GM's Chevy Bolt Recall Casts Shadow Over EV Push (Wall Street Journal) Chevy Bolt Product Recall Page Chevy Bolt Battery Recall: How Could This Have Happened? (Car and Driver)

Oct 7

37 min 7 sec

This episode of Brand Narrative features Workscapes CEO, Elizabeth Dvorak. Links discussed in this episode include: Workscapes Website Workscapes Mission, Vision, and Values Herman Miller Herman Miller Company Timeline Herman Miller Living Office Eames Lounge Chair Herman Miller Aeron Chair DIRTT (Do It Right This Time)

Sep 28

53 min 39 sec

According to statistics, 60% of restaurants fail within their first year while 80% fail within the first five years. On this episode of Brand Narrative, the highly successful Jason Chin of Good Salt Restaurant Group shares stories and insights of how he's thrived in the face of such long odds. Along with his wife Sue, Jason has opened a number of restaurants in the Central Florida area that have been staples of the local food scene. The restaurant concepts are not only successful and enduring, they are celebrated by customers and the media through rave reviews and countless awards. Their restaurant concepts, linked below, are unique in both food, service, and interior design. Links from this episode: Photography of Good Salt's interior design approach Seito Sushi The Osprey The Monroe Reyes Mezcaleria Subpar Parks (Instagram) (Amazon) A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Sep 3

50 min 16 sec

In this episode, Arnold Palmer Brand Director Reade Tilley shares insights, stories, and wisdom around the late golf legend with Brand Narrative host Matt Certo. Topics discussed include: An overview of Arnold Palmer's life (Wikipedia) Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club and Lodge Arnold Palmer's Latrobe Country Club ARNOLD PALMER A Life Well Played: My Stories (Amazon) Arnold Palmer Tea and Lemonade Beverage Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard Kingdom Magazine Story of Umbrella logo

Aug 24

58 min 50 sec

In this episode of Brand Narrative, Caleb Liptak - Sr. PR Manager at Findsome & Winmore - comes on the show to discuss the recent name change of the MLB’s Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians. Links from the show: Team announcement on Twitter Tom Hanks narrates video announcing change Michael Wilbon's comments on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption To learn more about the Brand Narrative podcast, head to and if you’d like submit a question for future episodes, please submit your question as a voice memo to

Aug 18

36 min 30 sec