Revive Our Hearts Weekend

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Reenergize your study of God’s Word with Revive Our Hearts Weekend, hosted by Dannah Gresh. Catch the content you missed from the weekly Revive Our Hearts broadcast along with fresh insights to inspire you to reach for your Bible with renewed enthusiasm in the week ahead. Get more Word in your weekend with Revive Our Hearts Weekend.

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You thought through doing Thanksgiving . . . what about Christmas? Dannah Gresh and others will be talking about preparing for Christmas.

Nov 27

27 min 55 sec

Dannah Gresh will be talking thankless vs thankful.

Nov 20

25 min 8 sec

Living in light of eternity . . . seeing heaven as not just our final resting place, but a place we need to be longing for.

Nov 13

26 min 41 sec

Brokenness is God reworking something inside of us. Dannah Gresh and a couple other ladies will help us understand the beauty of brokenness.

Nov 6

29 min 29 sec

We’re gonna talk about true rest and how to find the lasting kind.

Oct 30

28 min 5 sec

Pruning can hurt and usually does. But the result is a woman who is growing and thriving in her Lord.

Oct 23

24 min 55 sec

Many of us live in abundance, we have closets full of clothes, pantries full of food. But what does it take to live in the fullness of God?

Oct 16

24 min 55 sec

We hear the phrase ‘freedom in Christ’ but today Dannah Gresh unpacks what it means through the stories of Joni Eareckson Tada, Kesha Griffin, and Liza.

Oct 9

30 min 14 sec

Encouraging women in each season to learn from older women and to endure to the end, finishing the race strong.

Oct 2

28 min 40 sec

Do you understand who God is? Or do you sometimes find that difficult? Find out why and how you can know Him.

Sep 25

25 min 22 sec

Hear from Chris Brooks, Susan Hunt, and Mary Kassian. Join us and ground yourself deeper in His Word.

Sep 18

28 min 11 sec

God may not stop the storm, but He will walk with us through it. Dannah Gresh will help us learn how to depend on God when the storms of life hit.

Sep 11

24 min 55 sec

Dannah Gresh helps to walk us through what God expects of us when we work with our hands and how the daily grind brings Him glory.

Sep 4

27 min 23 sec

To church or not to church . . .

Aug 28

31 min 34 sec

There comes a time when a too-close friendship can become unhealthy and dangerous.

Aug 21

30 min 6 sec

In Proverbs, King Solomon warns us about the divisive nature of our tongue. Dannah Gresh talks about restraining tongues.

Aug 14

26 min 21 sec

Being lonely and being alone are two separate things. Dannah Gresh and guests talk about root causes and how God only has the cure for loneliness.

Aug 7

24 min 55 sec

Sometimes we just are so desperate that we need somebody else to come along and say, “Here, let me stick this helmet on your head."

Jul 31

29 min 21 sec

There are a lot of women who are lonely today. But in God’s good grace He answered that heart cry in our sisters in the church.

Jul 24

29 min 3 sec

Many of us ask God why to so many things. How can we rest knowing that there are some secret things of God that we’ll never understand.

Jul 17

24 min 55 sec

Dannah Gresh and guests will talk about how to truly love our friends in times of mourning and rejoicing.

Jul 10

29 min 45 sec

Dannah Gresh and guests talk through what we believe about the true freedom found only in Christ.

Jul 3

26 min 19 sec

Love is not just an emotional attraction. Rather, it’s selfless, humble service to meet the needs of another person, no matter how lowly or menial that service.

Jun 26

30 min 32 sec

This weekend is Father’s Day and we’re pulling back the curtains as Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth remember their earthly dads.

Jun 19

35 min 3 sec

A few busy women will share how they memorize Scripture when doing their hair and makeup or waiting in line at McDonalds.

Jun 12

25 min 6 sec

Between COVID and social media, many people find it harder to be friends with others. Dannah Gresh asks the question, how does God want us to be a friend?

Jun 5

27 min 46 sec

Satan’s conversation with Eve in the garden was full of lies, lies that Eve believed and lies we believe too. Find out how to ignore those lies.

May 22

30 min 17 sec

Along with some special guests, Dannah and Nancy help us look at the roots of sin in our own lives and share the only way to eradicate them.

May 15

28 min 47 sec

Mother’s have a big job that’s been given by God. This week’s episode is a challenge, a reminder, and some practical tips for all moms.

May 8

29 min 46 sec

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares a simple understanding of the Lord’s Prayer and Karen Ellis talks about changing our perspective on the power of prayer.

May 1

27 min 27 sec

How do you sing the songs of Zion when you’re living in Babylon? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth explains.

Apr 24

24 min 55 sec

Plenty of people claim to be Christians without giving God control of their lives. Nancy challenges that kind of thinking.

Apr 17

24 min 55 sec

Are the thoughts of your heart and mind constantly tempted to wander away from where they belong?

Apr 10

24 min 55 sec

Erika VanHaitsma says God set up a date night with His people. She’ll share how He did that and invite you into greater intimacy with Him.

Apr 3

24 min 55 sec

You become more and more like the thing you love. This has huge ramifications for what we think about and focus on.

Mar 27

24 min 55 sec

One of the shortest verses in the Bible says, “Remember Lot’s wife.” But what exactly are we supposed to remember?

Mar 20

24 min 55 sec

Bad news has followed bad in the news this year. Nancy is convinced that the ultimate solutions will come from God’s people being revived.

Mar 13

45 min 59 sec

We never measure up to God’s standards, and what’s worse, sometimes we set standards for ourselves that are higher than God’s!

Mar 6

24 min 55 sec

According to author and teacher Erin Davis, there’s an important principle we need to remember about what we give to the Lord. God doesn’t want our leftovers.

Feb 27

24 min 55 sec

When you’re discouraged, there are some very specific ways you can be encouraged in the Lord.

Feb 20

24 min 55 sec

You weren’t created for yourself so that you could go and grab all you could get for yourself. You were created for the glory of God!

Feb 13

24 min 55 sec

It’s easy to get so busy serving others that we don’t have time to cultivate intimacy with God ourselves.

Feb 6

24 min 55 sec

Imagine that your husband took you to a foreign country, and while you were there, he and your family died.

Jan 30

24 min 55 sec

Have you ever lost power during a storm? When that happens, even the smallest flashlight can make all the difference.

Jan 23

24 min 55 sec

Serena was assaulted sexually in her teens, leading to a downward spiral. Just when things seemed the bleakest, God stepped in to save her.

Jan 16

24 min 55 sec

As mysterious as the wise men, they knew He was born because God showed them a very special light. A star.

Jan 9

24 min 55 sec

In this special New Year’s edition of Revive Our Hearts, Nancy and a group of friends take us to Psalm 119.

Jan 2

24 min 55 sec

Be reminded that Jesus came for stressed-out people in the middle of a mess.

Dec 2020

24 min 55 sec

Our culture worships youth, putting on the pressure to look and act young. But a character in the Christmas story provides a refreshing alternative.

Dec 2020

24 min 55 sec

What time is it? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth wants you to consider that question.

Dec 2020

43 min 46 sec