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Tim Hutchings

The EMS Podcast is an intimate look at the life of healthcare providers on the ambulance.

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Links from our discussion are below: The Code Green Campaign to the Other Side by Sascha DeBrul Foster, Counselor, Webster, NY Film Festival, Rochester, NY, Virginia Babies Baking, North Carolina:

Nov 11

1 hr 39 min

A great chat with multi-hyphenate provider Melodie Kolmetz!Apologies for the opening, something got botched and I clipped part of her introduction. I promise it's her though. 

Oct 11

1 hr 12 min

Sponsored by Back Door Brewing! 

Sep 11

1 hr 14 min

Aug 11

1 hr 28 min

Jul 11

1 hr 28 min

Jun 11

1 hr 4 min

A little departure from EMS only talk, this month I have a chat with "Jack" a probation officer. 

May 11

1 hr 20 min

an insightful chat with one of the best providers/humans I've ever met. 

Apr 11

1 hr 18 min

This month I speak with Marc Cohen (@MarcCohenNY). Marc is new to EMS and has a fresh perspective on things. 

Mar 11

1 hr 21 min

A super fun conversation with one of my first full-time partners. A lot of good ideas and great laughs!

Feb 11

1 hr 34 min

This month I chat with Paramedic Cieri about his history in EMS, struggles with addiction and a new path to sobriety. 

Jan 12

1 hr 23 min

This extra episode is a collection of my favorite games, movies and music from the past year. Enjoy!


Dec 2020

35 min 31 sec

This month I speak with Assistant Chief Shawna Rizzi!Stay tuned for the end of the month bonus episode where I discuss my favorite things from this gloomy year. 

Dec 2020

1 hr 13 min

This month I discuss the change from Trade to Profession and some of the things we can do to improve!

Nov 2020

11 min 32 sec

In this months episode Chief Cody Dean and I discuss a variety of topics related to EMS and the world-at-large. At one point I mention an article about Millennials being 70% of the workforce: here are the correct numbers, because I was way off: "The Millennial Generation, born between 81 and 96, control just 4.6% of US wealth even though they are the largest in the workforce with 72 million members." Source:

Oct 2020

1 hr 37 min

In this months episode I discuss some concerns about meme pages and the representation of EMS as well as have a delightful conversation with my good friend Adem. 

Sep 2020

1 hr 24 min

In the first full-length episode I discuss my experience with depression and coping with the stressors of the job. 

Aug 2020

16 min 52 sec