The Art of Being..

By Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Welcome to The Art of Being.., a podcast about who we are as human beings and how we show up in the world. This is the place I want to talk to and uncover more about what makes the world such a unique and diverse place. What these interviews teach me is that it doesn’t matter what the question, everyone always has a different answer. And what that tells me is that there is no such thing as ‘normal’, there is no such thing as ‘the same’ and there is definitely no such thing as better or best. I believe that being healthy and happy is a mix of all the things that make up our lives. How can I be healthy if I don’t eat well or exercise and how can I be happy if my body doesn’t feel ‘right’ in some way. These are just some of our physical needs. Being healthy and happy also means recognising the importance of our mind and spirit to leading a life that brings us fulfilment regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. These are the things I’ll be exploring with my guests of the coming weeks, months and hopefully, years.

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