The Lovely Life

By Trina McNeilly

Are you ready to love YOUR everyday life? Because it is possible to live a full life, no matter what you are going through. Join Author Trina McNeilly, along with both experts and everyday guests as they discuss how to live better—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In this podcast, you’ll find both contemplative and conversational episodes packed with ideas for introspection, faith-filled encouragement, inspirational stories, and practical tips and tools to help you create space for peace and joy, today.

  1. 1.
    Episode 27: Exploring Rest with Dr Saundra Dalton Smith
  2. 2.
    26: How to Live in Today With an Uncertain Tomorrow with Kathy Izard
  3. 3.
    25: Ever Wondered About the Holy Spirit? with Jeannie Cunnion
  4. 4.
    24: The Art of Doing Nothing with Olga Mecking
  5. 5.
    23: Creativity Calling with Jeanne Oliver
  6. 6.
    22: The Power of Pilates For Body and Mind
  7. 7.
    21: How to Create a Life You Love
  8. 8.
    20: The Power of Words with Caitlin Crosby

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