The Academy Table with Renee DeSilva

By The Health Management Academy

The Academy Table is a podcast that serves up real conversations and an occasional good debate on issues impacting healthcare. The Table will feature the best healthcare leaders and thinkers – many of whom you will know, and some who we will introduce you to for the first time. Our intention is to broaden who is at the table, to amplify important voices and perspectives with the potential to move the industry forward. Our topics will be broad, but with a focus on the future of health, disruption, transformation, and the leadership lessons that endure. I hope you will join us at The Table – subscribe now at the podcast platform of your choice.

  1. 1.
    S2:Ep05: How a Private Equity Exec Evaluates Partnerships and Leadership, featuring Brian Regan
  2. 2.
    S2:Ep04: What it Means to Democratize Healthcare, featuring Jaewon Ryu
  3. 3.
    S2:Ep03: Engaging White Men in Equity Conversations, Featuring Carl Armato
  4. 4.
    S2:Ep02: A Bold Vision for Data Transformation in Healthcare, Featuring Terry Myerson
  5. 5.
    S2:Ep01: How to Invite Diverse Talent to Lead, featuring Mary Jo Cagle, M.D.
  6. 6.
    S2: Welcome to The Academy Table with Renee DeSilva
  7. 7.
    86: Crisis Leadership: Focus, Clarity, Communication, and Empathy, with Renee DeSilva, CEO, The Health Management Academy
  8. 8.
    85: Leadership Beyond the Pandemic with Michael Dowling, Dr. Roxanna Gapstur, James Hereford, Dr. Rod Hochman, Kevin Mahoney, Jim Skogsbergh
  1. 9.
    84: Telemedicine: A Convenience Patients Expect From Us, with Joseph Impicciche, President and CEO, Ascension
  2. 10.
    83: Urgency to Transform Our Health System, with Lydia Jumonville, President and CEO, SCL Health
  3. 11.
    82: Children Don’t Vote, with Sandra Fenwick, President and CEO, Boston Children’s Hospital
  4. 12.
    81: We’ve Created a Vaccine Buddy System, with Marna Borgstrom, President and CEO, Yale New Haven Health System
  5. 13.
    80: Hats Off to the Field Generals, with Pete McCanna, President, Baylor Scott & White Health
  6. 14.
    79: “Life is Now,” with Michael Mussallem, Chairman and CEO, Edwards Lifesciences
  7. 15.
    78: Super Bowl Special: Exciting Times for Team Members, with Tommy Inzina, President and CEO, BayCare Health System
  8. 16.
    77: Partnering to Speed up Vaccination Distribution, with James Hereford, President and CEO, Fairview
  9. 17.
    76: Spectrum Priority: Get Shots in Arms, with Tina Freese Decker, President and CEO, Spectrum Health
  10. 18.
    75: On-Demand, Front Door Healthcare, with Todd Latz, CEO, GoHealth
  11. 19.
    74: No One Wants to Work for a Pessimist, with Warner Thomas, President and CEO, Ochsner Health System
  12. 20.
    73: Have We Made a Difference in People’s Lives? with Kevin Tabb, M.D., President and CEO, Beth Israel Lahey Health
  13. 21.
    72: Yale Cultural Ambassador Program: Access to Clinical Research and an Approach to Advancing Health Equity
  14. 22.
    71: Bravery, Resilience, Compassion and Dedication with Dr. Craig Samitt, Dennis Murphy, Ken Paulus, Dr. Janice Nevin
  15. 23.
    70: Attributes of a Leader in a Crisis with Dennis Pullin, Dr. Redonda Miller, Dr. Steve Corwin, Peter Fine, and Russ Cox
  16. 24.
    69: Stay Safe and Look Out for One Another with Kevin B. Mahoney, CEO, University of Pennsylvania Health System
  17. 25.
    68: Transforming a Health System to a Health Platform with Dr. Harold (Hal) Paz, EVP and Chancellor for Health Affairs, The Ohio State University, and CEO, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  18. 26.
    67: Learning the Language of Leaders with Dr. Nancy Brown, Dean, Yale School of Medicine
  19. 27.
    66: The Thanksgiving Special: Resilience, Compassion and Dedication with Marna Borgstrom, Joe Impicciche, Mitch Daniels, Sarah Krevans, and Chris Howard
  20. 28.
    65: Success Can Be A Barrier to Change with William Zollars, Former Chairman and CEO, YRC Worldwide
  21. 29.
    64: Responsible Sharing of Risk, with Jeff Goldsmith, Ph.D., President, Health Futures, Inc.
  22. 30.
    63: Optimizing Local Care with Dr. Marschall Runge, CEO Michigan Medicine and Dea, University of Michigan Medical School
  23. 31.
    62: Make a Difference in People’s Lives with Dennis Pullin, President and CEO, Virtua Health
  24. 32.
    61: Calm, Rational, Transparent with Robert W. Roth, President and CEO, RoMan Manufacturing and Board Chair, Spectrum Health
  25. 33.
    60: Value Is What Consumers Tell Us It Is, With Roxanna Gapstur, Ph.D., R.N., President and CEO, WellSpan Health
  26. 34.
    59: Strong Faith and Strong Determination with Michael Ugwueke, President and CEO, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
  27. 35.
    58: Marathon and Not a Sprint, with Rod Hochman, M.D., President and CEO, Providence St. Joseph Health
  28. 36.
    57: Calm Over Chaos, Faith Over Fear, with Jim Skogsbergh, President and CEO, AdvocateAurora Health
  29. 37.
    56: Tune Out the Static, with Peter Fine, President and CEO, Banner Health
  30. 38.
    55: A Culture of Preparedness with Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health
  31. 39.
    54: Alignment of Interests, by Dr. Craig E. Samitt, President and CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
  32. 40.
    53: What Are We Doing for the Community? With Andrew Wisdom, Board Chair, Ochsner Health and President, Crescent Capital Consulting
  33. 41.
    52: Scale Matters, with Kevin Tabb, M.D., President and CEO, Beth Israel Lahey Health
  34. 42.
    51: Get the Big Things Right, with Robert P. Kelly, former Chairman and CEO, Bank of New York Mellon
  35. 43.
    50: Single National Platform with Jason Gorevic, CEO, Teledoc Health
  36. 44.
    49: People are Counting on Us, with Brian Nester, DO, President and CEO, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  37. 45.
    48: Creating a Health Company, with Scott Reiner, CEO, Adventist Health
  38. 46.
    47: Guided by Values of Excellence and Love, with Janice Nevin, M.D., President and CEO, ChristianaCare Health System
  39. 47.
    46: Creating Something Better than the Sum of its Parts, with James Staten, SVP and CFO, University of Southern California
  40. 48.
    45: We Do Love Partnering, with David Chernow, President and CEO, Select Medical
  41. 49.
    44: Purveyors of Truth and Beacons of Hope, with Chris Howard, President and CEO, Sharp HealthCare
  42. 50.
    43: They Rally and They Get It Done, with Redonda Miller, M.D., President, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

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