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Is your life what you thought it'd be at age 42? at age 50? Now more than ever, we are pausing to evaluate and strategize what we want and how to make it happen.

We will share insights of life in the middle of this awesome chapter, stories of these busy gals going after their NEXT and stories of folks who found themselves with an unexpected life interruption and how they've come through it all happier, healthier and stronger.

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Celine Anelone Brozovich joins me today to chat about how she was able to manage an early diagnosis of depression using the power of her intellectual curiosity, how this evolved into a wonderful career and why now she has made a personal and professional life change and is feeling outrageously good.  She will share more about why she has a trampoline in her office  and why she needs to share it and tell everybody!!She has turned all of her experience now into a way to help other women really find their true health and happiness and I hope you'll listen in to our fun interview and check out her community and resources available at www.bakenjihealthcom.

Aug 18

46 min 22 sec

When something bad happens, it can be easy to be a victim, but today my guest Claudine will share how pretty early she decided she was not going to be a victim but instead really learn from it.  She realized her life was not in alignment but she ultimately decided to take action and now believes we don't need a hammer to create change or experience growth.  She became the author in her own life.  What will happen to make you really stop to become more aware of what you truly want and then finally take action toward getting there?Do you really want to be hit by a hammer to experience your life changing moment?What the heck does that mean anyways?Well, If you've listened to ANY of my Life Reimagined podcasts, you have already heard from so many amazing women who had their life detoured or disrupted unexpectedly and you've also heard how much it awakened them and led them to their true purpose and how now it's considered more of a positive and a blessing than anything with a negative connotation.But what are some of the reasons or critical steps that are taken by these seemingly ordinary women in our 40, 50 and 60s - and beyond - that allowed them to use these tough challenges and experiences to really kick their life and everything around them into high gear?My guest today Claudine Chiarmonte will share her personal experience and how she believes it was her mental fitness to handle her near-death experience that made all the difference in her recovery and how she used that life-altering moment to go down a completely different path and truly become the author of her own life.Positive Intelligence is the science and practice (mental fitness) of developing mastery over your own mind so you can reach your full potential for both happiness and success.  How are we viewing the world from a growth or fixed mindset?Mental fitness is your ability to handle life’s challenges with a positive mindset rather than a negative mindset. Your mental fitness affects EVERYTHING, including your performance, your relationships, and your well-being. Extensive research shows that mental fitness is the best predictor of how happy you’ll be and how well you will perform relative to your potential.Tap into Your Full Potential and take this Free Saboteur assessment:  Learn what is getting your way for having the life that you want: schedule a free call to review your assessment, make appointment at @ IamClaudineC

Aug 4

52 min 39 sec

Have you stopped and really evaluated how your food is working for you - especially if you're over 50?  Is it working for you?  This is not a question I had often asked my younger self but as I get a bit beyond my 20s and 30s, I'm increasingly aware of the importance of what I'm eating and how significant my choices can be in how I feel every day and in how I'm setting a strong path for hopefully many healthy and active years ahead…..cause there's so much more I want to do, see and experience and I need this body to go the distance.So when I met my guest today, Ginny Grabowski, we instantly connected, and I knew I wanted to have her share the path that's brought her to now helping other women in our life chapter consider plant-based eating - and before you turn off or turn away, give us a few minutes to share that it actually can be easier and more delicious than you think.  Because as part of my life reimagined, I never thought I'd be filling a cooler of food for my road trips and never thought I'd actually enjoy even trying to prep and cook these adventurous recipes.I am not 100% vegan or vegetarian due other dietary restrictions but I can totally attest to the importance of plant-based eating in my life and my energy. Maybe even my hopefully keeping up my somewhat youthful appearance going forward as I'm totally in active age denial and plan to be for awhile.  So I need what I eat to work for me and it's been a really unexpectedly fun and interesting culinary adventure for me, a non-cooking or former non-cooking gal to eat more intentionally and find how much better it makes me feel.So join me today ….as Ginny and I talk about how to even dip your toe in the water of introducing more plant based eating into your day and how easy and how sweet this lifestyle can be.

Jul 21

44 min 29 sec

Have you ever truly felt that you were completely aligned with your feelings and what you want?  Have you ever experienced a time of dedicated focus on you that you received so many insights and wonderful ideas and you knew that no matter where you were headed, it would all be okay?  My guest today, Michela Fantinel, shares her stories of how traveling abroad by herself led to such clarity and peace and it led her to move from a feeling of restlessness to being ready for any direction life would then take her.Join us to share stories and insights and hear how she's now turned this into her business, in which she shares resources and coaching with women over 50 in  Magic Fifty.

Jul 7

36 min 25 sec

What 1 simple step or key decision you can make today to bring YOUR life back into alignment?  Have you even defined what it is you want in order to even start to work towards that alignment?  Today  I want to challenge you with a short podcast but an important one and message in that I ask if you’ve stopped and figured out if you need either a break or a mini-pivot and if so, if you’ve given yourself the permission and even the blessing to do so.  So join me today as we touch base briefly on making sure you’re in alignment with what you need right now, how it is okay for you to take your own life pause or mini pivot and how I'll be your biggest cheerleader to do just that….


Jun 23

7 min 42 sec

Have you ever wondered what the heck people do when they go on a hike? What does some one mean when they say an Epic hike?It was something I never even wondered about in my teenage years, or 20s and 30s. And Heck, even when I was growing up, the closest thing I knew about hiking was people eat granola. And john Denver sang about it. That was about it. I just was not raised in a family who got out and hiked, and it was probably related to the geography in the area of which I grew up.But regardless of that, as you know, with my podcast being focused on reimagining our life going forward and carving new paths , I found it interesting that in my 30s and 40s, I started to discover that hey, this was kind of cool, or even WAAAAYYY cool, and that there was much more out there than I really understood.Before trying it, I thought how hard can it be? It's just walking - even if it is up the hill, right? Okay, yeah. going up a hill is gonna involve some heavier breathing. But I thought how can people find exercise or training to be something you can do while hiking you just seemed a little basic and a little too easy. Well, I can tell you that hiking is not only a wonderful aerobic and character building activity, but it's also awe inspiring, and glorious beyond which I ever even thought possible. Now at age 53, I've gone on hundreds of hikes of all lengths, difficulty, and had totally different experiences and seen so much beauty, but 3 hikes I completed all over the age of 50 stand out that I'll comment on a bit more.  Aspen to Crested Butte in Colorado, The Narrows in Zion National Park and Hiking across the Grand Canyon.So join me today as i talk about why you - especially if you are over 40 or 50 - don't want to miss this amazing experience and why you should consider planning and going on your epic hike now and not postpone it any longer.

Jun 16

24 min 51 sec

There are many negatives to come from the COVID challenges over the past year but I hope you also were able to find some positives from the experience.  If you're anything like me, there are many folks in our 40s, 50s and 60s who really stopped to think about where we are in our life and what we want going forward.As our focus in this podcast is to reimagine our next chapter, it's a perfect time to also discuss how you will recreate going forward - double entendre intentionalThe definition of recreate is "to give new life or freshness to" and that is exactly what my guests, Kimberly Mylls and Melissa Lamson, today are focused on.  Helping you reimage and recreate to make this and your next chapter your best.So join us today as we dive into the details of HOW to recreate and take what YOU want to go after and turn it into your new reality.I am so excited to announce I am partnering with Melissa and Kimberly, the Co-Creators of RECREATE NOW, an Action Tank for Women.  The Exclusive 2021 Action Tank is kicking off in the next few weeks but if you hurry, there are only a few spots left - like 2 I think - for this amazing Mastermind, Think Tank and Accelerator all in one for women 50 & up to build up and launch your next meaningful X - You KNOW I like that as it aligns perfectly with my focus on IYN.You can check out more details and again - submit ASAP if you're interested - at

Jun 1

36 min 41 sec

I love that my guest today, Coach Judy, shares her personal story and the journey that helped her realize what a gift it is to experience your own Mid Life Awakening and forced her to ask the question, "What Would Make Your Life Remarkable?"What about you?  Have you given it any thought?  Have you had such an awakening?  Coach Judy Prokopiak is a fellow swimmer,  speaker, teacher, best selling author, master life reinvention coach and spiritual practitioner.  Join us as she shares how she overcame decades of disordered eating, drinking and thinking, and how she got past her own baggage and "not something enough" to now help women get their second act together and find peace and purpose through spiritual awakening, connecting to their true self and transforming trauma into triumph.Find more information at 

May 26

45 min 24 sec

Is it Critical?  Get away for a bit and take a vacation and before you totally stress about all that you "have to do," really evaluate the deadlines you set for yourself and if they're all critical.  Happy road trip and vacation everyone!!!

May 19

2 min 46 sec

We all have fear and I love how my guest Marjorie Fiore shares it's "False Expectations Appearing Real."  But join us as she shares her story and how she started to finally act and address her alcohol habit that had "spilled over into every day living" when the fear of regret became stronger than the fear of the change.  Listen in to hear how she kept answering those nudges, how she dealt with it all head on and how now she is going after the life she wants in her group called The Juicy Life.   Also check out her MIDspiration FREE Interview Series called Intermission - check it out and find additional information about Marjorie at or her Facebook Group - The Juicy Life.

May 12

41 min 11 sec

Have you had a chance to pause and reflect on all the wonderful blessings in your world lately?All the great steps you've made or all the great achievements you've made in the last few years, maybe some goals that you thought were impossible, something that you envisioned that you weren't quite sure how you were going to get there and have you paused for a moment and considered how blessed you are right now, right here to have the opportunity to do it again and again, and again, to look forward, envision what you want, put the steps in place, walk the talk, and actually go after you what....what you really want?Join me today as I pause to really celebrate some milestones, some things I didn't even know I was going to accomplish or achieve, but I really set forth on a path to do so and want to take a moment and reflect and just celebrate.

Apr 28

12 min 38 sec

I don't know about you but I love the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson titled The Bucket List.  The term you're familiar with I'm sure.  A list of activities, experiences or destinations you want to try or visit yourself before you kick the bucket.  It's a great concept but unfortunately it's not resonating with enough of us early enough.  Maybe you think it's something to do when you retire, which could be 15-25 years away - feels like a lifetime.   Maybe you have different priorities right now - and please note here that I did not say these priorities are wrong, just different - in that either you need to really focus on your career or work for better overall financial health, you're still raising your kids or have other health or family issues to manage. What I do know is that we may NOT have a lifetime.  We are not even certain if we even have 10 years or tomorrow.  We never know what's going to happen when so why create a bucket list for something you'll do some time in the future?Join me as I share my thoughts today on why you shouldn't wait any longer and why even creating your bucket list is totally lame.

Apr 21

10 min 31 sec

Or....How Floridians Survived Their First Snowshoe Hike!When was the last time you inspired somebody either through your actions, through your words, or by sharing your knowledge and experience as a mentor?You remember trying something new for the first time - how it can be intimidating and you have a number of concerns, fears and questions and how much easier it is when you have a trusted buddy or mentor with you.  Someone who has done this before and hopefully knows enough about this new whatever to make it safe and breaks down any roadblocks to make it way more fun and more productive.So Join me as we talk today about how inspiring others on their next fill in the blank and sharing the gift of your time and expertise can truly help another but also bring YOU so much joy and the keys to making some new and wonderful memories as an awesome coach, cheerleader and mentor.

Apr 14

16 min 45 sec

Hear from our amazing Inspiring Your NEXT VIP Community as they share their recommendations for something every woman over 45 or 50 MUST do on their bucket list or their Live It NOW list.  Denise Greer joins me today and we talk about her love of seeing the world on a bicycle, what she recommends and what she is planning on for her NEXT.  Check her out on YouTube or Instagram and follow her biking, hiking, backpacking and more adventures by searching Denise Looking Out. 

Apr 8

12 min 49 sec

You know, everyone starts at zero. We don't like to, we don't even love it.  But every time someone tries something new, they're starting off at zero. And I think unfortunately, that limits us, keeps us from trying some new activity, experience skill, or travel to a new location.  I've discussed fear of failure and how to live curiously in previous podcast episodes, but join me today as I share the 4 ways to truly embrace your starting at zero and when it's done right, what you can expect on a fun journey forward. 

Mar 30

13 min 53 sec

You've probably heard the phrase "Make hay while the sun shines." What about making hay NOW?We've always worked hard and saved for the rainy day or for our future and our future is coming a little bit closer than ever before. But what if we decide to make a little hay today by injecting more fun into our regular schedule? What if we decide we don't want to delay all of the fun stuff until after retirement, but instead, now that we are financially independent, what if we decide to make a little hay and put more time into playing and adventuring right now?Join me as I talk about this idea just a bit further, and how to bring a bit of joy and start checking off experiences on your bucket list into your everyday right now.

Mar 17

12 min 50 sec

We’re now marking a full year of dealing with a pandemic and for many of us, being really stuck and cooped up at home or inside.  I believe it is time.  Time to get outside and ensure you’re taking care of your mental health with a little sunshine.  Some of you listening might be raising roadblocks or concerns in your mind already, but hear me out.  You can disagree or post any contradictory comments or questions after you hear my recommendations, so stay tuned today as I share why I believe the road trip and exploring close to home is the perfect and safest solution to ending our own hibernation.Go to to download your free road trip guide and consider joining our free or VIP member community and get inspired and resourced to tackle your NEXT!

Mar 11

9 min 38 sec

I get it - you're busy.  We are all busy.  It seems we never have enough time to do what we really WANT to and we just keep getting pulled into what we HAVE to do.But you still have dreams.  You still want to learn that second language and go to Italy some day.  You want to try sailing.  Maybe you want to start a blog.  You think about it and want to do it.  And then you get back to dealing with your daily chores and it's gone.  Gone for a few hours, maybe a few days or unfortunately, maybe a few years.  So what's it going to take for you to actually prioritize YOU?  Join me today as I share how to see if you're really too busy for YOU and how you really can dedicate a bit of focus to take that first step to go after and ultimately get what you want.

Mar 4

11 min 49 sec

Have you yet taken a trip by yourself?  YOUR solo journey?  Not work related and not just traveling somewhere to see family, but actually planning and going somewhere by yourself for a few days?  I know it might seem a bit unexpected and interesting topic in this hopefully-ending-soon-COVID era, especially as my last episode was focused on how to connect with others and grow your friends and support crew circle, but hear me out as I share today a bit more about how to set up a solo trip or journey and how wonderful it is for your mental health, spirit and your soul.Download your free Top Road Trips You Should Take in 2021 here! 

Feb 25

11 min 2 sec

“Even if you cannot change all the people around you, you can change the people you choose to be around.  Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you.  Spend your life with people who make you smile, laugh, and feel loved.”  Roy T. Bennett.  Lessonslearnedinlife.comSo how about you?  Have you thought about those in your life and if you need to spend more or less of your time with them?  Have you thought about expanding your support circle?  Join me today as I dive in a bit on what to do if you are interested in how to connect with others and maybe just grow your support team a bit.

Feb 11

16 min 28 sec

My best first lastHave you ever not tried something because of failure?  Because you may come in last?  I’ve addressed this on previous podcasts and the need to move away from fear of failure and living with judgment to a new perspective of living curiously but today I want to expand on that with a story about my recent snowshoe adventure and how coming in either almost last or dead last was so sweet.So I spent most of my adult life before age 45 living in warmer climates and not partaking in such outdoorsy or mountainous pursuits.  I did not try skiing (on snow that is) until I was in my mid 20s, didn’t try mountain biking until my 30s, didn’t get into snowboarding until my 40s and now car camping until my 50s.  There are many other new experiences and adventures and new likes - like a growing admiration and love of history - to dive into at another time as today I’m sharing about one of my outdoor favorites, my snowshoe adventure.Any how sweet it was to have my best first last.

Feb 4

8 min 54 sec

Ok so someone offers to take your picture.  Do you shy away from it? Have you always?  And yes, the image is changing - at least it is for me - but in many ways, the road detours and challenges that lead to every spot or mark on my skin has helped me build into a stronger and more powerful force.  I want to remember what it feels like to be me at this age -  to document all the fun I'm having.  But some may not feel the same and may not see themselves that way.  They need someone to literally shine a light, to bring their beauty and the essence of who they are, out front, for all to see.  And most importantly, for SHE herself to see. That person is with me today and I think you'll see when you meet Julie, how her passion for helping elevate women - especially those of us over 50 - is changing how they feel and is truly changing lives. I love that my guest today states - almost quietly shouts it actually - that Beauty has no expiration date and it's time for you to be seen.  Julie Ulstrup always loved photography but she started as a school educator who then followed her passion to become a professional photographer and is having the best time of her life.  She's had her own trials and tribulations but she will explain how her personal journey after divorce and in northern Spain provided her her own life-changing experience and pushed her to stop playing small. I hope you check out Julie's artistry and how she is helping elevate women - especially her 50 Over 50 project at  You can hear more from Julie in her TED talk on How to Transform the Way You See Yourself, TEDxCherryCreekWomen. I have more information available on my website, and additional free resources to and I invite you to join our destinationu community and learn to live with more fun, more inspiration and more support from others out there living out loud.  To stop playing small! Thanks so much everyone!

Jan 20

35 min 33 sec

As we roll into the new year, many of us hope for a better year and path forward.  But hope can only get us so far.  We have to envision that better future and actively plan and consciously and intentionally walk forward EVERY day to bring that hope and vision into your new reality.We've all had to adjust to a new normal and I cannot think of a better guest today.  Like my previous guests, Markell is a model of resilience and her story will inspire and help you see that you too can overcome some of life's roadblocks, you reestablish a sense of your identity and find your purpose, so join us today as Markell shares her story of survival and how she is now helping others.Markell Morris is the Founder of Futures in Motion, Inc, and she helps clients navigate the job market whether they are re-entering the job market or realigning their career after facing life altering circumstances.  Her personal experience as a young widow and brain tumor survivor, she is an expert in navigating a career after loss and she understands the challenges and dynamics of rebuilding a career, reestablishing a sense of identity and finding your purpose.Her books Fast Track Your Career. 2nd Edition and Launch Your Career Transition: 5 Steps to Define Your Next Career Move guide people step-by-step through how to decide a career direction and position themselves for a career that sparks joy.  Markell will help you take control, Embrace your new normal, Envision your new future and Relaunch your career. I have more information available on my website, and additional free resources to help you get beyond a life interruption or transition.  I invite you to check out and join our destinationu community and learn to live with more fun, more inspiration and more support from others out there living out loud.  Also check out Markell's website and resources,  She has a current special I hope you go and check out - especially if you are considering a career or job change - Career Visioning 101. I hope hearing more about the stories from Markell and my other guests inspire you and that the insights gleaned from these personal life detours helps you become more resilient and more quickly help you get to your NEXT.

Jan 13

40 min 49 sec

Think back to the one adventure that really took guts at the time - did you still do it?   What about the one adventure you really WANT to take on in the future - what's holding you back?   It may be scary, but to me, the absolute scariest adventure is the one you want to take but don't.  Adventure can mean many different things to different people but today I'll discuss in a broader context, as writing my first book and really heading out on my own was truly one of the most terrifying adventures I've been on.  But also one of the most challenging and one of the best.   Getting back to you now - whatever IT is, missing your next adventure could be a huge mistake so today I'll talk about how to deal with feeling a bit anxious or excited or scared or all of the above to actually face it all and go after what YOU really want. So the bummer news today is that we are not getting any younger and if you're anything like me, you see the aging face in the mirror and feel the body needing more recovery and quality fueling compared to 10 years ago, and you know the time to try something new is NOW - not tomorrow.  What have you put off?

Dec 2020

8 min 40 sec

Do you treat every day as a celebration and a blessing?  Do you need a reminder to do so?  Today is that reminder.  I am so blessed myself today to speak with and learn from Cheryle, a Surviving Cancer Warrior Goddess who is celebrating years of surviving cancer.  Cheryle Kapalilikahoupo (KA-PA-LEE-LEE-KA-HO-OOO-PO) Mclaughlin's Hawaiian name means " The Fluttering Heart", Heartbeat and she believes that when one has a brush with death, you never forget how blessed you are to be alive!  I hope it reminds you that every single day, we must remember to celebrate and treat it as a blessing.She will talk more about the steps she took and how she's not only fought her way back to her health but how she is turning that journey into sharing and helping others on her blog and forthcoming memoir and thriving once again in her cultural roots with Hula dancing in which she is transformed into a higher dimension of light and healing.Join us to hear more about her story and how she got back up and is now more resilient, more fierce, and more courageous as ever. 

Nov 2020

30 min 33 sec

Are you confident that you could come through a year plus of health detours and consider yourself stronger and living life feeling much more awake?My guest today is Pamela Benson Owens and today we will discuss what she describes as a series of Health detours or challenges - which I consider an understatement, how she navigated the challenges and how her journey of self discovery helped her awaken her senses to much she had been previously missing.  How this helped her decide to live life with much more intention and how it's helping her shift personally and professionally to survive this strange year of chaos and change.I also love that her mom had the wisdom and foresight to offer some wonderful advice during Pamela's growing up that she will also share with us in a bit - it was truly a game changer for her and something that she points to as one of the critical factors in her personal and professional success.  So join us as Pamela shares how she had to create a new model for which to navigate the growth and learning in both the professional and personal spheres of her journey.

Nov 2020

41 min 13 sec

Ever feel so drained personally that it caused you to reevaluate your job or career?  Ever believe you've truly reached burned out status?  When your personal health and professional responsibilities aren't jibing - technical term here - you simply cannot be your best self.The question then becomes do you do something about it?  And if so, what?  What's your tipping point and where do you begin?My guest today is Deborah Rankin and after years as a sales exec for multiple Fortune 500 companies, she faced a series of personal losses with no reserves of physical or emotional health. Burned out, sick, and grieving, she clawed her way back to health and vitality using the habits and practices she now shares with readers. She says she got tired of living that way and decided it was time for a change.Join us today as we learn more about that tough season of loss and failure and the steps she then took to turn it around into what is now a business to help others get through their burnout and turn chaos into calm.Https://www.destinationu.net 

Nov 2020

34 min 12 sec

Are you challenging yourself to live authentically AND inclusively?Are you living the life YOU want?  Are you being true to your SELF?  And, here's where it can get even trickier….in the midst of you living your life, being true to your self, are you also able to live inclusively and openly?  Are you welcoming the ideas and engagement from those who may be different from you?Are you pausing and thinking more critically?Whoever you are - check in and fully understand all the layers of your privileges and how it shapes how you navigate your world.I believe that as I've aged and successfully overcome all my own detours, I've become much more open-minded.  I've repeatedly had to challenge my personal beliefs and values and as this podcast states, I've had to redefine me and reimagine who I am and what my life looks lifk.   I embrace these challenges - even when it's uncomfortable or even painful - as I believe the act of walking through it with intention and with an open mind is so valuable in me growing further and more into who I will be tomorrow. It's perfect that today, with so much turmoil in our lives, I have the wonderful opportunity to interview and learn from Debbie Scheer.  Debbie has successfully navigated and survived much, including her relationship ups and downs, her adoption story and how she is dancing with grief from the loss of her mother. Join us as we dive into the life twists and turns that have shaped who she is today and how she is using her journey to create personal connections and inspire through humor.

Nov 2020

34 min 36 sec

Do you want to  know more about these strong women and how they overcame their life detours? Listen in to a brief portion of last night's panel discussion with my coauthors and then run out and grab your copy of our new book available on Amazon, Life Unexpected to Life Inspired.Full video is available on my DestinationU Facebook page - and more in-depth interviews are available in my Life Reimagined Podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Google, and all podcast platforms.

Oct 2020

56 min 32 sec

How will you stay the course when the waters get choppy?Are you prepared? How will you navigate the next storm?  Life is unpredictable - even more so in 2020 - so you've most likely already had to navigate a number of changes in your daily living, but what about a real storm?  What about a primary breadwinner's job loss?  A scary health diagnosis?  A loss of a close relationship?  Join me as I reflect on the stories from our new book on the common thread and themes that helped these women not only survive but thrive through their storm or unexpected life detour, and I'll share what I believe to be the top 5 critical steps you'll need to successfully stay afloat.

Oct 2020

10 min 59 sec

Today we're talking about love.  The loss of it, the acceptance of possibly living without it and then the wonderful surprise of finding a whole new definition of love - of making the tough choices but then newly living a life reimagined WITH love.  If you've personally experienced divorce or the loss of love, like me, I'm sure you can identify.So how would YOU navigate the unexpected life changes and new beginnings - like new love, weddings and a baby….especially at a time when you didn't think you'd be doing this?  Kimberly DeShields-Spencer is with me today to share how she found love later in life and how this love and her family keeps growing.  Join us as we discuss how she's navigated through some of the choppy waters along the way and continues to personally shift her mindset, approach and daily choices to live more intentionally and more happily while juggling the demands in her personal and professional life.

Oct 2020

30 min 27 sec

What if one ride in the car changed everything?  What if, as she describes it, a 20 second car accident in your 40s alters your life path forever?  Could you handle all the change thrust upon you?  All the new healthcare diagnoses, professional opinions, appointments, treatment and rehabilitation?  All the personal setbacks, your career plan detours, effects on you, your family and friends?Theresa Byrne is with me today and because of those 20 seconds, her life changed in ways she never expected and never could have predicted.  Join us as we dive in a bit deeper about how she dealt with such a difficult event and how she is now bravely sharing her story and although she continues teaching others today, her ability to influence and impact others is huge and she is now helping millions of women engage and unleash their own Inner Warrior.

Oct 2020

29 min 10 sec

Have you been personally tested? Not for Covid but in life - how resilient do you think you are?  Can you identify with or envision having to deal with loss of one's job, the loss of the family home, car, and savings, only to start rebuilding and then have a mental and physical health setback?   All while trying to also juggle the demands of the additional role of caregiver and supermom?Most of us over 45 have had to overcome some challenges and real diversity in our life up to this point, and I don't know about you, but I feel very fortunate and very blessed that in looking back, my life detours and roadblocks have been tough, but not as challenging as it has been for many others.  Shannon Martin is one of those gals.  So join me today to hear Shannon share more details about her story and how she has come through this much more difficult road with the power of love, prayer, meditation and much, much more.

Sep 2020

28 min 12 sec

What do you do when you're at the top of your game career-wise but you then receive the greatest news of your life that totally changes it all.  Even after years of being told it wasn't possible, you learn that you're pregnant.  You're convinced you'll be a super mom-to-be.  You've seen many other women handle pregnancy while working and so you plan to continue working in your great job, continue to travel the world and all will be great.Then your body has other plans and you end up being sick every day for 8 months.  You know you're not performing your typical best in your job but like many of us do, you continue to deny what's happening and soldier on.   I can do it.  You, me, Cindy….we've all said it.  Cindy says now that she was not only in denial of her health but that she didn't want to let go of her old life.  She had a tough choice or numerous choices to tackle during what felt like the height of the career she worked so hard for.  So join us as Cindy shares more of her story and the key steps she took to ensure a healthy and happy life for her and her daughter.  How this life journey, including all the twists and turns and trauma, has created the resilient and strong person she is today and how she is using her podcast to inspire and add to our culture.Cindy Lee Robles is with me today and although she seems to really like living in the Bay, San Francisco, she is self described and very proud to be Brooklyn All Day.She will share more about how having her daughter totally rocked her world in a moment but first let me tell you a bit more about her.Cindy Lee started her career working in the Hospitality Industry as an Operations Manager for over 20 years as well as working in the fitness community for 10 years.  But as she'll detail in a bit, Cindy lee is now on a mission to add to the culture with her Podcast called Guests in Your life - I hope you'll check it out.  She was one of the folks who inspired me to start sharing my story in this podcast series and she now helps others take their unique journey and help them build their personal brand.  She is a motivational speaker and she noticed something interesting as she met more and more people.  That some seemed to have a hard time of letting go of certain thoughts, ideas and even each other And sometimes when those moments were gone, it felt like a loss.  So her podcast, Guests in your life, was created to highlight such moments and people's thoughts and ideas and to help people let go of the things they have no control over. To help heal, cope and laugh.   Cindy has an audience who enjoys listening to hear stories of the many people she shared moments with and she has given a voice to those who want to share a little about who they are and hope it helps to add to our culture. 

Sep 2020

27 min 44 sec

Have you ever wondered if your job or position is "safe" from layoffs?  How do you face the ups and downs of working for a large or small company and what is the tipping point for you to decide to venture out and start your own business?What if you are a single mom with two kids depending on you?Are you prepared for THOSE ups and downs?  How will you handle it when your faith is truly shaken?  How will you truly take control of YOUR destiny now?Join me as I talk with Rosie Marin and hear about her journey through corporate climbing and roadblocks and the steps she took as a single mom to change her career path and take control of her destiny.

Sep 2020

33 min 39 sec

See if you can identify….You've worked hard and built a great track record, a great resume and a great network.  You feel like you're on top of your game - no actually, you ARE on top of your game.  You then hit a snag….is this it?  Maybe you're questioning if this is the ride you want to be on like my previous guests or maybe like Barbara and Lupe with me today, you experience a different kind of snag.  A different unexpected new roadblock.Could your wealth of experience and number of years serving as an industry leader suddenly become a problem?  You may find yourself at a similar place in your personal and professional journey - in the midst of unexpected challenges and questioning if life after 40 or 45 means we could be "past our prime."  My guests today, Barbara Brooks and Lupe Hirt, experienced such roadblocks and their own version of what I'll call a career interruption and I love Lupe's insight and challenge to each of us:   The entrepreneurial journey is riddled with detours, dead ends and pit stops. But the key is to remember that during times of challenge and adversity, character is revealed, not built. The question then becomes, what does your character reveal about you?So join me today as Barbara and Lupe share their experiences, character revelations and the journey they started down together to turn their story and passion into a way to help many others.Whether it's a conscious choice or whether some other key piece has changed in your current job or career path, many of us are pausing right now and reevaluating our career options and how it fits in what we truly want in our life going forward.  Especially if we are now wondering if our years of leadership are a positive or a negative.So as I went through my own reflection and decision to career pivot, I was introduced to Barbara and Lupe, and it was great to learn just how many others I found at a similar place in my path. So it's time to bring in the experts - join me in welcoming Barbara and Lupe to the virtual couch today!  Hey ladies!I'm very happy to have you here! Today we have the two of you together as there is much to gain from hearing more about your individual stories and how some of those similar experiences led you to the really great work you're doing together today. Let's start with the scoop on these gals and then we'll get into their stories. Lupe is a public relations expert and entrepreneur of 24+ years.  She opened her own agency and experienced much success in working with big brands. Barbara is an award winning marketing and public relations specialist in the shopping center industry. Together they are the co-founders of Second Act, a membership community focused on elevating and connecting businesswomen 40 & 50+. Designed as an IRL and virtual community, SecondActWomen rallies women to own their number and swivel into middlescence with vigor and savvy.  

Sep 2020

52 min 50 sec

Ever feel something odd or funky but you just blew it off or thought it might just be part of "getting older?"  or maybe you were too busy or too overloaded to "deal with it?"  What if something that started out a bit untenable or annoyingly nagging at you eventually turned out to be more significant?  Maybe it persisted and you couldn't ignore it.  Maybe it became more of an interrupter of "what my life is supposed to be?"Where are you on your personal health journey right now?  Your physical, mental and emotional health.  Are you doing everything you can to ensure you're daily caring for your health holistically so you can live your best life today and tomorrow?  If you're like me and many other women over 45, you are trying to make good, healthy choices and live with more intention.  I went through a much less intense version of what my guest today, Heather, will share, but I personally experienced a health interruption that includes food and my mindset.  I immediately had a connection with Heather when we met a bit over a year ago as I had newly discovered I have several food sensitivities - again it pales in comparison to her experience - but I think you'll find Heather's story so interesting and it may raise questions for you and your health as well.   Join us as we discuss what many others over 45 have experienced - some type of health interruption - and how, also like many of you, Heather intentionally paused to redefine and re-imagine and more holistically and happily redesign her life.   

Sep 2020

43 min 9 sec

Where are you on your personal and career journey right now?  Ever pause and wonder if the current path is the right one for you for the next 10-20 years or are you getting stuck in the daily grind and fires and blindly moving forward?If you're like me and many other women over 45, you are reconsidering your career aspirations in the context of your own personal reflection.  Maybe it's just been a nagging thought or maybe there's been a change in your life or and unexpected detour that's helping you think a bit.Maybe you're like me or my guest today or many other women I've met who have intentionally paused to redefine and reimagine and redesign their life going forward. Join us to hear how my guest today Faizun redesigned and is leading in her life. 

Aug 2020

41 min 4 sec

What do you think of when I bring up the word Resilient or Resilience?  By definition, it means to recover quickly from difficult conditions or a difficult situation and in the simplest of terms, you may think of it as “making lemonade when life gives you lemons.”  But if you have faced any challenges in your life - and I am sure 99.9% of those of us over 45 have - you know it FEELS much different.  Not as simple and definitely not as easy. I’m really excited and very fortunate to have with me today, Gabbe Smith.  Gabbe is an amazing leader and she will be sharing with us: how she has overcome some of the difficult situations life has thrown at her, how she came through them, and how building her personal resilience has made her stronger and a better leader today.  Join us to hear more about Gabbe’s story. 

Aug 2020

53 min 17 sec

What does it mean to lead in your own life? Are you actively envisioning and then creating the life you want or are you simply leading in all other facets of your life - your family, your career, your kids’ school, your church, your civic or social investments, and not leaving any energy at the end of the day for defining and then creating what YOU want?  Are you okay with the ramifications of putting you last?  How much time will go by before you start leveraging your leadership skills and apply to one of the most important questions or challenges in life:  what do you want?Join me today as I talk about my personal career revelation and the 3 keys I believe to really lead in your own life and create your best next chapter.

Aug 2020

14 min 11 sec

Look back a bit to a difficult time in your life.  It could've been an unexpected life detour or possibly a preventable detour but in looking back on it now, based on what you learned and how you've come through it, could you even say now that it was instead a grand adventure?  Many times when we are in the middle or turmoil or what feels like a very difficult time in our life, it's hard to step back and take a bigger perspective of the situation and understand why it's happening or what you will gain but join me today as I talk about how sometimes these life detours really serve to strengthen you and prepare you for your next adventure.

Aug 2020

15 min 9 sec

If your idea of adventure is narrowly defined as a young person screaming down a mountain on a bike or bungee jumping off a cliff, I invite you to consider a much broader perspective.  I believe life itself is an adventure and it's how you plan for your next adventure or how you deal with some of life's curveballs that makes up the wonderful stories that create your life's book and memories.  Adventure can mean so many things and it may be different for each person, but either way, as Helen Keller once stated, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”   So join me today as I share some of my "adventures", talk about the importance of adventuring in your life, possibly broaden your perspective a bit and hopefully inspire and challenge you to get out and try something new.

Jul 2020

16 min 19 sec

My family will find this fun that I’m giving more financial advice today but I'm going to dive in a bit further on the money side.  Since I'm NOT the financially focused wizard that others are, I am in the perfect position to show some simple math and illustrate how you can commit a little each day or week to helping you reimagine the word SAVINGS and become more financially stable or secure.  Join me today as I continue talking about my iteration of the FIRE movement and how to reimagine savings, even if you have little or none.

Jul 2020

14 min 54 sec

Have you heard of something called the FIRE movement?  Do you subscribe to it or are you able to actually live it?  It's a really interesting idea but I think instead, I subscribe to a different iteration of the FIRE acronym:  Financially Independent and Reimagine Everything.  Join me right after 4th of July and celebrating our country's independence as I discuss what this means and how I recommend altering your mindset to more quickly get to a life where YOU have more freedom and possibly more happiness.

Jul 2020

13 min 39 sec

So….you are either focused on a personal goal or even just getting ready for your next fun adventure.  You may have even had to summon the courage to take that first big step and you're actually on your way.  What happens when you get suddenly stopped or derailed?  When you have an Oh BLEEP moment?  What will you do?  Will you panic?Today I'm going to share some stories and talk about how to stay calm so you can tackle and more quickly get to your solution.

Jul 2020

13 min 41 sec

Today, for a very sad reason, I'm going to talk about how important it is to NOT let time keep slipping away from what you really want and to ensure you're dedicating time each day or week to drive progress.  So join me as I share with you how to stop chasing the dang squirrels!Ok I promised in last week's episode to discuss what happens when you take that first big step and hit your next scary or OS moment - It's happened many times so I have many ex to share but I will include driving in Iceland during a white out.  It will have to wait until next week and I'll share why in a moment.  Quickly though, I'll talk about what's really important, what I mean when I say this and then share recommendations to stop chasing squirrels. 

Jun 2020

11 min 20 sec

Great news in that you've figured out WHAT you want and hopefully you've started creating the plan and support structure to ensure you can start taking the steps and actually progress toward WHAT you want to get to.  So what is the big first or next step you have to take to start really making strides forward?Join me as I talk through how to take the first step - even if scary or overwhelming and I'll help get you there faster.

Jun 2020

12 min 32 sec

Now that you've figured out WHAT you want and hopefully identified your suggested workarounds for potential roadblocks, do you have a plan and a way to keep yourself accountable to actually achieving?Not having a plan is the surest way to never get there so join me as I help you create the plan and support structure that will help get you there faster.

Jun 2020

11 min 44 sec

What is in your way?  Is it a real roadblock or something you believe is there but is untested?  Could it even be YOU standing in your own way?Join me as I discuss how to figure out what may be in the way of you achieving your next fill in the blank and how to get around and finally lay the productive stepping stones that will get you there.

Jun 2020

6 min 55 sec

There are many adjectives and labels you currently use to describe yourself, but what about expanding your Life Resume with a few new labels that represent new growth and fun opportunities in your life going forward?  What do you want in your next life chapter?  We'll discuss how to identify new hobbies, skills and descriptors that YOU want to add and some recommendations on how to join us and achieve.

May 2020

7 min 30 sec