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The Psychedelic Integration Podcast with Mystical Heart Collective is a conversation series exploring the spiritual path in conscious relationship with plant medicines. Hosts Sinclair Fleetwood and John Steiner and their guests share insights and experienced guidance on preparation, navigation, and integration, and get real about the lifelong journey of working with psychedelic medicines.

Mystical Heart Collective helps spiritual seekers and visionaries create lasting transformation with plant medicines so you can find your purpose, live your vision, and share your light.

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Are you ready to drop the complaining suckfest and get on board with embracing an attitude of gratitude? In this Thanksgiving week episode on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're talking about what it means to truly cultivate a vibration of gratitude, how we get it wrong, and share some easy steps you can take to choose an attitude of gratitude every day. In this episode, John and Sinclair discuss... The real definition of gratitude as a vibration you hold  Love and gratitude and how they are related  Getting deeper into feeling grateful when everything is going your way, and when it's not  Gratitude and its relationship to plant medicine and psychedelics  The true source of gratitude as a state of mind that can be cultivated by anyone  Receiving the message of not feeling grateful or thankful: things being out of alignment  How plant medicine shifts your understanding of gratitude  When you choose to fight and struggle, when you choose to be victimized, and get stuck in a cycle of complaining, you're making a choice to look at things in a negative way  The duality of experiencing not having, of passing through places of going without or lack  Practicing going without as a way to understand thankfulness  Choosing gratitude as a mindset vs. looking to receive good things and THEN being grateful for it  Becoming aware of what you already have  The negative thought loop of complaining, perfectionism, and if/then thinking  Never being satisfied with what already is creates a loop of blocking gratitude  Getting sick and tired of feeling sorry for yourself as a starting point to creating gratitude  Finding authentic gratitude where you are right now  How you create blocks to gratitude by not taking care of what you already have  Manifesting magic by being grateful NOW, not in the future  Admitting that you're dissatisfied, unhappy, you don't like your life, and sitting with that  Gratitude comes through having a reckoning with yourself Finding the good things in your present situation AND THEN finding gratitude for the uncomfortable and difficult circumstances that are happening so you can learn  Everyone is your teacher, so you can learn to choose compassion, choose light, and choose to be kind and gentle with the people in your life Adjusting your attitude to see that life is happening for you not to you  Becoming grateful for pain and suffering and transforming your own darkness into light   Sculpting yourself into the truest and most authentic form Returning to the sacred place of knowing exactly who you are You don't need to change who you are, you need to remember who you are A simple gratitude practice you can do every day Does this resonate with you? If so, we'd love to invite you to learn more about Rise and Align, our 4 month psychedelic transformational coaching program where you'll learn exactly how to build a conscious healing partnership with plant medicines, follow your heart, and manifest the purpose driven life your heart is calling you toward. --- Support this podcast:


Nov 24

32 min 18 sec

So you wanna be a healer? Huzzah! Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're answering the most common questions about becoming a healer, psychedelic guide, psychedelic integration coach, or other spiritual service practitioner and how you can find your true path to sharing your gifts with the world. Are you feeling called toward being in spiritual service after working with psychedelics? If so, what does that path look like, and how can you start to turn yourself into a high vibration, experienced practitioner? What does it really mean to truly share healing energy with those around you, and help others have the same awakening you've experienced? In this episode, John and Sinclair have a conversation about... *How to step into your power and answer the call toward being in spiritual service with plant medicines, psychedelics, or other healing professions and practices *Why it's so important to heed this call in your life *Things to consider and investigate as you step into this new and transformed role *How the ego gets inflated when you're first starting out working with medicines and what to watch out for *How the only person you can actually heal is yourself, and disempowering people by claiming to heal them *Teach a man to fish vs. giving a man a fish *The Death Cult programming that you have to break out of in order to be aligned in spiritual service *Feeling ready to be of service after only a few ceremonies and not doing your own integration is a tool of the Death Cult and creates spiritual materialism *Self-care as a vital spiritual practice for pouring from a full cup as a spiritual practitioner *Psychedelic medicines as the Big Bang catalyst for growth, and the Integration Journey as the true test of healing and growth *Bringing spiritual alignment to ANY work you do, even if you're not a spiritual practitioner *You don't have to become a shaman to have a spiritual impact on the world and people around you *Being a spiritual healer is not a 9-5 job, it's a vibration you carry with you all the time *If you're truly a healer, Spirit is using you to heal others through your words, your actions, your power *Inspiring people by how you live and who you are *Working on yourself through the medicine path, and inspiring others to heal themselves *The way to follow this path is to sit in your own spiritual practices, develop your own personal relationship with medicines, and invest in your own healing and growth *Being in a high vibration is the best medicine to share your gifts with the world *There's no way to walk a path for someone else, each step has to be taken by the individual *Mr. Rogers and cultivating spiritual purpose, and the effects of caring for your divine self *Taking responsibility first for yourself and what's in your life *Empowering others to find their purpose and share their light *The super awesome effects of being in spiritual service, and getting to do your own integration *If you want to be an integration coach, you have to do your own work in your own life *When we remember we don't know everything, it helps to remind us that the Universe has our back *Staying in the shit, sitting with the heaviness, and transmuting it through spiritual alchemy *Busting the myth of spiritual abundance only being about making money or it being easy money *Healing isn't all about magic and metaphysical powers, it's about the power of holding space and accepting people as they are *Starting to create the vibration of gratitude and bringing your light to whatever you already have *Developing spiritual practices and actually doing them *Starting where you are and doing spiritual good RIGHT NOW *Putting out what you want to receive, being a mirror, and holding space for others *How to find your own spiritual path and building a conscious relationship with plant medicines --- Support this podcast:


Nov 4

41 min 3 sec

Today on this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're coming to you from the comfort or our living room sofa to talk about Spiritual Burnout and The Healing Power of Rest. What is spiritual burnout or therapeutic burnout, what does it look like, and how can you learn how to spot it? This is a crucial subject that is rarely talked about (but often experienced) on any spiritually focused path, and can be especially profound and important to recognize as part of your psychedelic integration plan. In this episode, John and Sinclair have a conversation about... How working on spiritual development can become an obsession, making life feel heavy and hard Defining spiritual burnout or therapeutic burnout, and what it looks like when you don't take rest How avoiding psychedelic integration actually leads to spiritual burnout How society rewards hustle culture, grinding yourself down, and overachieving and the dark side of doing this with plant medicines and psychedelics Why using plant medicine for "performance enhancement" can feel out of alignment Signs of spiritual burnout including low energy, depression, loss of excitement, loss of excitement, overwhelm, and exhaustion Psychedelics are designed to reconnect us to our natural curiosity about ourselves and the universe, and when it stops feeling good, that's a sign that something is out of balance Why you have to take breaks from medicine to see results and allow for healing Setting up for disappointment by looking at ourselves as unhealed, never doing enough, and seeing spiritual development as a problem to be solved How to recognize spiritual burnout, what causes it, and how to shift away from feeling overwhelmed Taking it easy, taking your time, slowing down, and allowing things to be as they are Consciousness expanding is only one side of the coin, integration is the other side Balancing doing with rest and receiving Asking yourself, what is the point of sitting with medicine if you are not doing anything with it? Avoiding spiritual burnout starts with understanding that medicine is a tool, spiritual living is a path It takes how long it takes, and that is a gift Shifting from perfectionism to progress and celebrating all the positive steps you take on your path of growth Fun as an integration practice Being gentle and compassionate with yourself when you are doing shadow work Short term vs. long term burnout, and how each is interrelated to lack of community, understanding, and support Taking breaks from medicines or anything that is sucking the joy out of your life is healthy and necessary Connecting back to your heart and listening to your body Learning how to know what season you are in and how you can work with us to integrate your psychedelic journeys over a longer period of time If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review HERE. Positive reviews help us reach more people who are seeking transformation with psychedelics. You can write a review on Apple Podcasts by going to the Ratings and Reviews section and clicking on Write a Review. Thank you for your support! --- Support this podcast:


Oct 12

34 min 5 sec

On this week's new episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're sharing a remarkable plant medicine and integration success story from one of our closest friends and integration coaching clients. Shawn Patterson is an Iraq combat veteran who served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army. In this episode, he speaks openly about the traumas he experienced both on and off the battlefield, and how those traumas ultimately led him to a path of healing his PTSD through working with ayahuasca and other plant medicines. We are honored to share this very personal and inspiring story with you. EP 016 | Shawn Patterson, Army Combat Veteran on Healing PTSD with Ayahuasca In this episode, Shawn shares about... Growing up in the 90's era of street crime, drugs, and choosing to join the Army as a way out Enlisting and heading into basic training one month after September 11th Transitioning from civilian life into military life, where emotions like fear were not encouraged or expressed Going into combat in Kuwait in 2003, at the beginning of the Shock and Awe phase of the Iraq War The reality of life in the military, getting into a rhythm, and normalizing living in a war zone Surviving, training, and the strong character of people living with the daily threat of combat Coming to terms with possibly not making it home Returning home after a year on the front lines, feeling older than your age, and feeling alien after the experience Feeling anger around veterans being portrayed as victims in the media What the PTSD and trauma experience looked like for him Using drugs and alcohol as an ineffective coping tool and hitting multiple rock bottoms Deciding to work with ayahuasca in Ecuador and facing unrealistic expectations Working with plant medicine over time with a spiritual community Getting help from the VA, and why the pharmaceutical approach doesn't solve the whole problem for everyone The problem with 12 step programs Finding a winding spiritual path with plant medicine and digging into core issues Getting reminders and new perspectives from ayahuasca and feeling empowered to make life changes Shifting his consciousness toward self-care and away from the victim mentality Cultivating gratitude Making big decisions and life changes with the guidance of the medicines Building a long term, respectful relationship with ayahuasca, San Pedro, and peyote Following a minimum effective dose strategy coupled with integration and doing the work The BIG integration lesson Plant medicines and appreciating being sober Avoiding patterns of taking plant medicine without purpose Advice for veterans who are interested in working with plant medicines If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review HERE. Positive reviews help us reach more people who are seeking transformation with psychedelics. You can write a review on Apple Podcasts by going to the Ratings and Reviews section and clicking on Write a Review. Thank you for your support! --- Support this podcast:


Sep 14

55 min 34 sec

On this week's new episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're getting into one of our favorite topics: How to Be The Medicine (and Infiltrate The Matrix). So many of our integration coaching clients spend loads of money and time investing in a plant medicine retreat, finding deep, transformational healing with psychedelics, but have no real plan for what happens next. How to integrate and how to exist in the world with this new awareness after finding a real connection to yourself through your psychedelic experience can feel isolating, lonely, and overwhelming. So what comes after the ceremony ends and the pink cloud fades? How do you take the lessons you learned in your journey into your real life in a practical and sustainable way? This is part of what we teach in Psychedelic Integration Academy, and today we're going to shed some light on how you can Be The Medicine and Infiltrate The Matrix. In this episode, John and Sinclair share about... How we get caught up in the "Us vs. Them" spiritual tribe mentality, and why it can be dangerous Creating stories and onboarding limiting beliefs and creates excuses for not connecting to others Being the medicine in your life and what this means Taking personal responsibility for bringing the lessons and awareness into your daily life The universal human understanding of vulnerability, compassion, and personal connection How onboarding the new awareness and understandings from sacred plant medicines can be painful and overwhelming The forest fire method of changing your life vs. getting support and making a plan for transformation and integration Why a lot of people feel lost, isolated, or even give up after having a spiritual awakening How sharing your gifts makes them grow and thrive inside you Talking to your family and friends about your new awareness through stories and lessons, rather than the specific psychedelic experience The privilege, responsibility, and the opportunity of working with plant medicines Integration is the process of becoming whole and embodying your wholeness in your life Recognizing that you have to change is hard and can cause panic and fear How to infiltrate The System with Your Light - we break the system from the inside, and going inside ourselves, and doing our very best, no matter the circumstances Seeing your spiritual teachers in every person you meet Living and acting from your heart and being the medicine that the world needs Being authentically yourself calls in your people and connects you into the community you want, and it's your responsibility to stay awake and spread your light If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review HERE. Positive reviews help us reach more people who are seeking healing with psychedelics. You can write a review on Apple Podcasts by going to the Ratings and Reviews section and clicking on Write a Review. Thank you for your support, fam! --- Support this podcast:


Jul 5

26 min 15 sec

This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're having a real honest talk about the truth about healing with psychedelics. After taking six weeks off to relocate our lives and work to Wimberley, Texas, just outside Austin, we're back and excited to take a deep dive into what "healing with psychedelics" actually means. How is the conventional Western healthcare system failing us? Why is healing with psychedelics is becoming a lifesaving healing modality for so many people who have been left behind and left in pain by the endless cycle of doctors, diagnoses, treatment plans, drugs, and symptom management? What does walking the spiritual path with sacred medicines as your guides really mean?  In this episode, Sinclair and John discuss... The common and spiritual definitions of healing and psychedelics Symptoms and how they are an effect of a source or cause further upstream How shifting to working with plant medicines and psychedelics shifts your meaning of healing The participatory requirement of working with plant medicines to look at what's being revealed and lean into it The accepted paradigm that there is ALWAYS a physical or physiological cause to illness That the source of illness and disease starts in the consciousness and spirit and manifests in our emotional, mental, and physical body from there Why people are seeking help outside the for-profit healthcare system for chronic pain, chronic illness, over-medication and suffering without end How plant medicines are sharing their ancient consciousness with us to help us live our purpose with more joy, love, and happiness How psychedelics can show us the true nature and causes of our illnesses and dis-ease by reconnecting us to our true selves and returning us to our natural order and balance When our spirits are high, anything is possible Diagnoses, pharmaceutical drugs, commercials selling diseases, side effects, and more... Treatment plans that require lifelong dependence on the provider and why this is not actually treatment The truth about healing with psychedelics: Bringing the mystical experience into your everyday reality through sustainable spiritual integration practices The many manifestations of spirituality and living a spiritual life, and how these practices support health, harmony, and well-being Psychedelics are just the first step, taking action to align your life with your vision is where the real work is If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review HERE. Positive reviews help us reach more people who are seeking lasting transformation with psychedelics and psychedelic integration. You can write a review on Apple Podcasts by going to the Ratings and Reviews section and clicking on Write a Review. Thank you for your support, fam! --- Support this podcast:


Jun 28

29 min 3 sec

This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we have the pleasure of having our very first guest on the show – Carlos Tanner, co-founder and Director of the Ayahuasca Foundation in Peru. Carlos was born and raised in the United States and has degrees in both art and philosophy. He moved to Iquitos, Peru in 2004 and lived with his first teacher for four years before creating the Ayahuasca Foundation in 2008. He led every retreat and course at the original retreat center until 2012, when he hired the first two assistant healers and opened the Inkan Kena Plant Medicine School. In 2013, he stepped back from leading programs to dedicate more time to the administration of the Foundation and to raise his daughter. In 2017, he opened the Riosbo Retreat and Research Center and began hosting medical research in 2018. The phase I study completed at the end of 2019 and the next phase began in 2020. Carlos appeared in the Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron in 2020 and continues to offer unique educational courses and healing retreats, as well as host important research into the traditional use of ayahuasca and plant medicine. In this episode, Carlos shares about ... Finding his way to Ayahuasca through a deep interest in shamanism, philosophy, religion, and plant medicine as a college student and young adult Substance abuse and opiate addiction as a trauma response and catalyst for change His first few ceremonies with ayahuasca, and what the healing experience was like Self-reflection, remembering repressed traumatic experiences, and how those traumas shaped his relationships The Ayahuasca Foundation and the education and healing programs they offer at their center The beneficial healing power of ceremony and ancestral tradition, ritual, methodology, and ideology that comes through with plant medicines, and how these practices could inform and improve the experience and efficacy of Western medicine Including consciousness and intention in the healing process Integration, memory, and the practice of changing our truths to be more beneficial to us Creating a work of art based on your healing process that you continue to add details to Storytelling as the magic that connects people The magical legend of the Nihue Rao trees, and the mystical realm Jesus showing up in ayahuasca visions, and his work as a plant healer Being disconnected from our intuition and instinctual knowledge, and being overwhelmed by science and logic to our detriment Plant medicine as the true science Decriminalization Moms and psychedelics And so much more! RESOURCES: Ayahuasca Foundation Website Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn --- Support this podcast:


May 10

1 hr 30 min

Manifestation and Prayer: Two seemingly separate and unrelated spiritual practices that may even seem opposed or at odds with each other in today's modern world. In reality, manifestation and prayer are a super secret power duo that combine forces to bring about massive transformation and positive changes in our lives. This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we are unpacking the emotional baggage we may be carrying about both manifestation and prayer, and investigate where we get our agreements about what these things even are. We'll discuss each practice in detail, and go into the ways we get confused and even discouraged by thinking we are doing something wrong when we try to manifest things and it never works out. We'll also talk about how many of us lose our connection with prayer through negative religious experiences, and how taking back this practice and using it in our own lives will amplify our experiences of well-being, healing, and wellness. Our signature program - Psychedelic Integration Academy - is live. We designed this course to be a one stop shop to help anyone, with any experience level properly prepare for, navigate, and integrate their psychedelic experience.  If you are interested in learning more check out our website. --- Support this podcast:


Apr 26

47 min 48 sec

Have you ever wondered "How much plant medicine should I take?" Trying to figure out the right amount of medicine to take to have the experience you are seeking can be overwhelming and daunting. But don't worry, there is actually a smart, safe, and effective method you can use to manage your dose every time you sit with psychedelics. This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast we're sharing our tried and true strategy, experience, and insights around always taking the Minimum Effective Dose, and finding your own Middle Way when healing with psychedelics. Keep in mind that our work with plant medicines and psychedelics is for the purpose of healing and growth, and this talk is based on our personal and professional experiences in this context. The Minimum Effective Dose strategy means choosing to take the smallest amount of medicine needed to get the desired results, experience, or effect. There is a spectrum of methods and advice around how to work with psychedelics, from Microdosing to the Heroic Dose or Ego Death Dose, and everything in between. It can help to understand the wisdom and power of the Minimum Effective Dose by learning about the different types of psychedelic experiences, why and how they work, what they can deliver, and why you might want to dip your toes into the kiddie pool vs. diving into the abyss when it comes to psychedelics. Join us for a fun conversation about finding your own Middle Way with psychedelics, and learn some questions to ask yourself when preparing to take your next journey. Also, stay until the end to hear a serendipitous and magical story about how our Ayahuasca and San Pedro plant medicine retreat found its home on the beach of Olón, Ecuador.  Mystical Heart Collective helps people heal with psychedelics through education, integration, retreats, and the power of community. Learn more about our plant medicine retreats here.  --- Support this podcast:


Mar 29

1 hr 4 min

Today we're talking about Creating Space to Feel Your Feelings. We know, this sounds like a drag, right? If you're like us, you are probably professional avoiders of pain, and have run the gamut of avoidance rather than actually deeply engaging in your feelings and emotions. This is a problem, because over time, when we become conditioned to divert, avoid, and repress our feelings, we start to develop energetic blocks, emotional and mental health issues, and even serious physical illnesses. On this week's episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're having a conversation about all the ways we try to get out of engaging with our feelings, and how some of these coping mechanisms can really harm us over time. We'll also share about how to move through your feelings with grace and empowerment, why throwing tantrums as an adult is a good thing, and discuss how ceremony with plant medicines teaches us presence and surrender to our feelings, allowing us to make space for the things we truly want in life. And of course how healing with psychedelics and plant medicines help us feel our feelings and connect to our hearts, and how they teach us to carry what we experience in ceremony into our daily lives.  Mystical Heart Collective helps people heal with psychedelics through education, integration, retreats, and the power of community. Visit our website: for information on how to work with us and join our plant medicine retreats. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 22

46 min 33 sec

Do you identify as an empath or wounded healer or know someone who does? This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're exploring the concept of The Wounded Healer, and all the nuances of what it can look like when you're called to be in service to others as someone who has overcome your own trauma or wounding. Wounded healers are often drawn to professions of guidance such as coaching, teaching, therapy, spiritual guidance, facilitation, energy and body work, and other healing careers where they provide support to others.   We discuss how healing something within yourself actually makes you the best person to be in a role of service to others on a path of personal growth, and we'll talk about how conditionally loving and helping someone can sometimes be more harmful than good. We also get into how the shadow side of The Wounded Healer can really derail our intentions, and how psychedelics give us guidance and vision for making it across the bridge of change and growth to reside in our own vision for our lives.    Mystical Heart Collective helps people heal with psychedelics through education, integration, retreats, and the power of community.   Visit our website: for information on how to work with us and join our plant medicine retreats. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 16

48 min 29 sec

The Mayo Clinic defines anxiety as "Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations." Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. Through the lens of Western medicine, anxiety is seen one of many mental health disorders that are becoming more prevalent and less treatable through that same system. In short, we are becoming more and more anxious, phobic, and full of fear and panic, and there is less and less that modern medicine seems to be able to do about it.  Enter plant medicines! Psychedelics have shown to be a promising, effective, rapid (and scientifically proven) treatment for anxiety disorders. On this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're diving into how anxiety harms us, and how psychedelics can help treat anxiety. And we'll talk about how they do this by actually getting to our root causes of anxiety, helping us find understanding, insight, and providing tools to help us forge a path of empowerment, relief, and self-healing. Learn about what you need to know to get prepared to work with psychedelics to heal anxiety, how to seek help, and understand why it's important to have an integration plan to support you throughout your journey.  --- Support this podcast:

Mar 1

51 min 20 sec

#ThankYouPlantMedicine is an annual global campaign designed to encourage people whose lives have been changed by plant medicine to share their stories of transformation and gratitude, and to help end the stigma around the use of psychedelics. We are honored to devote our next two episodes of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast to sharing our personal stories of how plant medicine has radically changed and enhanced our lives. On this week's podcast episode, John Steiner shares his story of healing his relationship with himself, and how finding harmony within has led to a good relationship with the rest of life. --- Support this podcast:


Feb 20

51 min 24 sec

Thank You Plant Medicine (#thankyouplantmedicine) is an annual global campaign designed to encourage people whose lives have been changed by plant medicine to share their stories of transformation and gratitude, and to help end the stigma around the use of psychedelics. We are honored to devote our next two episodes of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast to sharing our personal stories of how plant medicine has radically changed and enhanced our lives. On this week's podcast episode, Sinclair Fleetwood shares her personal story of overcoming addiction to alcohol, transforming trauma, and healing her relationship with her father after his death in prison. She speaks about her personal experiences with ayahuasca and San Pedro, and shares about aligning with her purpose to help guide others to their own power through healing with psychedelics. --- Support this podcast:


Feb 15

51 min 6 sec

We're getting a little esoteric on this week's episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, aiming to challenge some of the limiting narratives we see around psychedelics and what they actually do for us, as well as to inspire some critical thinking and understanding of what psychedelic integration looks like in practice. So, WTF is spiritual alchemy?    Join us for a conversation about the historical origins of alchemy and where this concept comes from, all the way into our modern day thinking where we run into all kinds of myths and misconceptions around the actual methods of transforming darkness into light. What does that actually look like in daily life, and how can psychedelics help awaken us to our own magical powers of creation? We'll talk about what being a real life spiritual alchemist really looks like, and we'll give you some guidance on how to turn on the lights in your own psychedelic healing journey. --- Support this podcast:


Feb 6

44 min 35 sec

On this week’s episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast we’re having a conversation about releasing fear with psychedelics. We often half-joke about how psychedelics literally help us escape from The Matrix, but the truth is that we live in a society where fear, anxiety, worry, and stress are manufactured to keep us divided and disempowered. Our modern society has us constantly plugged into news, entertainment, and social media that hijacks our vibration with a constant feed of “Be Afraid. Don’t Trust People Different Than You. There’s Something Wrong with You. Buy This to Feel Better.” Whether we are conscious of it or not, consuming news and media that makes us feel bad about ourselves and the world creates illness in our bodies and minds, and distracts us from all the possibility, opportunity, and magic we could have in our lives instead. --- Support this podcast:


Feb 1

39 min 43 sec

This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we're having a conversation about the power of intention to unlock psychedelics and level up our experiences. So many of us find our way to psychedelics through recreational use, and often having fun is the gateway to discovering the magical powers of these master teachers.    When we understand we have the power (through intention) to build a relationship with the spirits of the medicines, rather than just treating the experience as a thing that happens to us outside of our control, well, it's kind of a game changer.   We define and discuss intention, talk about why recreational use unfairly gets a bad rap, and share our personal experiences of transitioning from less mindful recreational use to ceremonial use, and what we've learned along the way. We'll also talk about how to find your intention, shift your mindset, and get the most out of your growing understanding of how psychedelics can heal and help you in your daily life.    It's ok and good to have fun and enjoy yourself, even when you're healing!   Adding intention into the mix, even if that intention is to enjoy yourself, connect with others, and have fun, helps create a conversation with the medicines, allowing an opening to expanding our consciousness and awareness, and leading to personal growth and healing. --- Support this podcast:


Jan 25

44 min 27 sec

In this week's podcast, we dive into anger and the different ways it manifests and expresses itself in our lives. We speak to our own personal experiences of healing anger and rage through psychedelics, and we offer some practical things you can do to start getting a handle on anger through awareness, attention, and healthy coping mechanisms. We will also talk about what to do when you need to tell someone you're angry with them, what to express and when, and how to do it with grace and balance.    It is possible to express and process anger in a way that feels good and healthy!   Whether we are prone to repression or explosion, anger is actually not our enemy. It's our ally. Anger is the messenger with a dire warning that SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. So how do we move from rageaholic to rational, clear, calm expressions of anger? Psychedelics have so much to teach us about transforming anger and how we react and respond to it.    RESOURCES:  The Psychedelic Integration Podcast on YouTube Mystical Heart Collective Website Psychedelic Integration Academy Get The FREE Ultimate Guide to Healing with Psychedelics --- Support this podcast:


Jan 18

29 min 45 sec

Welcome to The Psychedelic Integration Podcast with Mystical Heart Collective. In our first episode, you'll meet psychedelic integration coaches and retreat facilitators John Steiner and Sinclair Fleetwood, and we'll discuss the definition of psychedelic integration, and talk about why it's the true key to creating lasting change and growth. We'll cover how community and support are integral components to a full healing experience with psychedelics, and why finding your tribe is is the best way to amplify the power of psychedelics.  --- Support this podcast:

Jan 12

27 min 28 sec