Invest Like an Artist

By Candace G. Wiley

We want to dispel the limiting belief of the struggling writer, artist, entrepreneur, creative, what have you. Why? Because we believe in abundance! If you do anything creative and want to build a stronger financial foundation, this is for you! As a creative, you’re doing important work--holding a mirror to society, speaking truth to power. If you’ve ever wondered... ***how to leverage your assets into cashflow ***how to get paid more for art you already make ***how to make your savings work 3x harder than you do ***how to build an effective personal and business financial strategy, ...then like, subscribe, and share this podcast. Hosted by Candace Wiley, this podcast delivers actionable advice from industry experts and from artists who actually use these techniques themselves. This podcast won’t tell you how to “get rich quick.” It’s focused on practical strategies that work for real people. We’re not here to support capitalism: we’re here to show you better ways to navigate it, by giving you the knowledge you need for the life you want. Visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @InvestLikeAnArtist and @CandaceGWiley and come attend one of our in person workshops, so that you can ask the experts your questions.

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