Section 230 - Preston J Byrne

Teach Me One Thing with Seyi Taylor

Nov 2020

18 min 44 sec

In this episode, I talk to Preston J Byrne. Preston is a partner at Anderson Kill and focuses on working with early stage tech startups and VC firms on everything from corporate transactions to IP and cross border issues. He’s a fixture in the crypto community and has almost encyclopaedic knowledge of how the space has developed, as well as the legal implications for developers, investors and customers of crypto products. I turned to him because I wanted to get the point of view of someone that actually knew what the law said. almost everything else I read on the internet was clouded by opinion. Links: > Find Preston on Twitter and Parler at @prestonjbyrne > Preston's blog on this topic > Watch this on YouTube: > Follow me on Twitter @seyitaylor

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