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56: Wayne Dyer: You Have to Face the Darkness

By Satori Prime: Guy and Ilan Ferdman

Show Notes: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Wayne Dyer (click to tweet) So many people feel like they are a victim of their circumstance. They feel helpless, and try to fight back at whatever life gives them. Sometimes they try to escape, other times they try to stand their ground. Either way resistance only leads to more push from the world. Instead of trying to fight, try to accept and understand the circumstance you are in. Let it into your life, and find a way to love it. Find the lesson in it, and you’ll end up moving into a new phase of life even sooner. On this episode of Have It All Ilan analyzes a short video by Wayne Dyer. Wayne was an incredibly knowledgeable man as well as an amazing author and speaker. Unfortunately Wayne passed away in 2015, but left us a lot of lessons we should all be taking advantage of. Download this episode today to hear how a shift of perspective can make the world of difference in your life. Don’t ask, “Why me?” Ask, “What is this here to teach me?” (click to tweet) The Cliff Notes: The way you see the world is what you will bring into your life. We often don’t take responsibility for our lives. Spirituality isn’t meant to be easy. Life is always going to come at you, and sometimes it’s really painful. The one thing you can control is your situation, and how you react to things. You have to find a way to thank your situation. When you resist something you ask it to give more force. Don’t resist a situation, let it in and give it love. Allow yourself the moment to give the situation love. If you are looking for a shift in life, allow yourself a new perspective. We often look for a solution outside of ourselves instead of trying to find a solution internally. (click to tweet) Links: Wayne Dyer’s Talk Show Notes: more about your ad choices. Visit

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