Copywriting for Coaches with Lindsay Schluter

The Coach's Playground

Sep 2020

35 min 23 sec

In an online world full of distractions, how do you differentiate yourself from being just one of them? How do you stand out and convince people you are the authority? For you to connect with people you've got to evoke empathy towards them; there is no other way to let them resonate with your message than with stories you tell them, for everyone connects with a story. And writing a story that grabs people's attention leading them to take action for their transformation, is what copywriting is all about. Lindsay Schluter is known for being a lipstick connoisseur, a lover of push-ups, planks, and anything that makes her sweat. She is a single parent of two kids. Most of those who know her, refer to her as "the writer", one who quit her safe, secure job to pursue her passion and true calling.

She enjoys serving the world by helping coaches tell the story of their brand and business. She is a big believer in the power of words. And she loves bringing a little wordsmith-ery to the party! It is her mission to help others take their coaching business to the next level by creating a stand-out copy that converts.

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