# 15 - 3 Alternatives To Journaling

By Kathy Archer

Women leaders may know the value of journaling but may not find it helpful.  To lead effectively, you need to access your inner wisdom and intuition. That helps you to lead with your strengths, aligned with your values and with integrity. It also enables you to pull out the best in others. So what do you do if journaling isn’t your thing? Try these 3 alternatives to journaling to help you lead effectively! To access the free downloadable guide sheet that gives you the tools I talk about in this episode, go to https://www.kathyarcher.com/podcast/15 ABOUT Kathy: Hi, I am Leadership Development Coach Kathy Archer. I help women leaders ditch survival mode and enjoy impactful leadership! You do that when you: * Develop your CONFIDENCE * Maintain your COMPOSURE * Lead with INTEGRITY FIND ME HERE: My Website: kathyarcher.com My book - Mastering Confidence Twitter  @kathydarcher Instagram  @kathydarcher LinkedIn  @kathydarcher Facebook  @kathydarcher YouTube  @kathydarcher  

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