Katie Patrick

Let's Give A Damn

Oct 2018

50 min 58 sec

We all want to change the world, right? If you’re like me, most days we can’t even figure out how to begin. Everything seems so overwhelming. Well, you’ll want to meet my guest today. I think she can help! Katie Patrick is an environmental engineer and software designer who lives in Silicon Valley. She’s freaking brilliant. In our conversation, we chat about parts of her 10-step process for saving the world. We talk value-action gap, we talk behavior mapping, we talk feedback loops, we talk about all things environmentalism, we talk about the public disclosure of data (which is fascinating by the way) and we talk about her new book—How To Save The World. This conversation got me thinking about so many amazing things and I hope it’ll do the same for you!

Follow Katie on Instagram and Twitter. And please click here for more information on how you can support her new book project on Indigogo! Let’s Give A Damn family, let’s help her get closer to her goal! We can do it! ____________________________

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