9- Let's Talk About Intuitive Eating

By Unqualified Adulting

This week, Becca is joined by registered dietitian Tianna Smith to talk about intuitive eating. Tianna is the founder of Realistic Roots Nutrition, located in Temecula, California. Tianna breaks down what intuitive eating is, listening to your body, how you can begin your intuitive eating journey, the stages of intuitive eating, intuitive eating after eating disorder recovery, finding support in your intuitive eating journey, fatphobia and body image. They discuss the difference between a registered dietitian and nutritionist, and the importance of reliable nutrition information. They also talk about changing the way nutrition and food are talked about in the home and from a generational standpoint, in friendships, and in relationships. Tianna shares her advice for talking about intuitive eating with family, friends and significant others. She also provides resources for beginning your intuitive eating journey. Follow Tianna on Instagram @dietitian.tianna. You can find out more information about her and her practice by visiting www.realisticrootsnutrition.com. Follow Unqualified Adulting on Instagram @unqualifiedadulting. You can reach Becca at unqualifiedadulting@gmail.com.

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