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B014 - How to Love Yourself, Really, Truly, Simply

By Mary Baird-Wilcock

Today, I want to talk about self-love. Do you love yourself? I mean, like really, truly, madly in love with yourself? Or are you like me and you wake up, pinch at the softness around your midsection and feel a bit…bleh. What’s that about, you guys?? It’s funny, when I look back at pictures of myself, 5, 10, even 20 years ago, I think, “dang, I looked pretty good!” But when I look at the reflection in the mirror today, right here, right now, all I can muster up is a big, fat UGH. Never pleased, never satisfied. Never feeling like enough. If you had an illusion in your head that my life was perfect, I’m sorry for popping that bubble. There are definitely areas where I feel like my life is soaring and I’m doing my life’s work. But in this aspect of my life, the struggle is real. And I’m still on the path towards healing, right there with ya. So, how do you love yourself, really, truly, simply? Here are three things I’m committed to doing this week: • Get moving - When I work out, dance, walk, and sweat it out, I always feel stronger, more aligned and centered, afterwards. It’s as if my body is screaming to me, “hey, let’s get moving! This sitting at a desk thing really isn’t your BEST LIFE. I gotta move and stretch!!” • Get still - And ironically, the same is true when I slow down and just BE. Take a blanket to the park nearby and lay down flat on the ground. Sink my toes into freshly cut grass, smell the warm sunshine replenishing my soul. Take time to pray, meditate and just simply listen. What is your Intuition trying to tell you right now? (PS> put your phone away…not everything needs to documented on social media. This is sacred time.) • Get connected - I’m willing to bet your girlfriends are silently struggling right alongside you, but no one is talking about it. Gather the troops for a cup of tea and be brave. Have an honest conversation about this stuff, what you are really, truly feeling underneath, peel back the curtain and start healing. Remember, the people who know you best admire and respect you on levels beyond your understanding. It’s time for you to see what so many others see in you. And just one final whisper, just from me to you, dear friend…come in closer. You are so beautiful. So fierce. So graceful. So gentle and wise. Your body is trying to whisper to you right now what it really, truly needs. Be brave, ask her to speak. Tell her she can trust you to deliver. You don’t need external validation to BELONG in this world, this city, this community. You are already connected to the Source. To Love. To yourself. It’s time to come back home. You can do this, I believe in you. It’s time to SIMPLIFY. Show notes available with all LINKS mentioned here:

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