Caroline McMenamin talks OCD, and working with anxiety, trauma, PTSD and narcissism

The Other Side Of Perfect

Aug 2019

1 hr 33 min

On Episode 7 we have mental health activist Caroline McMenamin, also known as The Red Dutchess on social media. Caroline has a degree in counselling and drama, a post grad in CBT and over 15 years of voluntary work and training. Caroline is also the founder of Replenish, a non-clinical mental health organisation aimed at educating, empowering and equipping individuals with the resources and support needed to manage their mental health. Caroline takes us on a journey from her OCD diagnosis to CBT training, and we cover mental health topics including anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship abuse and removing the stigma around seeking help or getting therapy. Caroline has a wonderful way with words, an incredibly insightful approach to dealing with clients and is truly passionate about helping people get better.Visit https://www.samaritans.orgReplenish McMenamin

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