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09: Sam and Johnny's Investment Updates July 2016

By Sam Marks / Johnny FD

Sam and Johnny Share their July 2016 portfolio  including Wealthfront, Lending Club, Betterment, PeerStreet, REIT's, Foreign Exchange, stocks and index funds. As Johnny travels through Europe he talks about why he cancelled his auto investment with Wealthfront, direct Vanguard deposits and wiring $10k to Brian at the Art of ForEx. Sam reviews his back up plan if Lending Club goes bankrupt and why his Wealthfront account is crushing over his Vanguard and Etrade accounts. We also talk recap some highlights of the past 8 episodes and what to expect going forward. Lastly we discuss the incredible value having access to multi- million dollar investors in the Boss Lounge. We would also like to thank everyone thus far for participating in the ratings and the review section of iTunes and also listening and joining us on our investment journey. Relevant links for guest: Boss Lounge Contact Us Where are we:  Sam – 6:00pm – Singapore, Singapore Johnny – 10:30 am – Lisbon, Portugal What we are drinking: Sam – Water (detox) Johny – Café Americano (Expresso with sugar on the side) Recommended (books, subscriptions): Tony Robbins – Master Money the Game Johnny FD – Life Changes Quick Discussed (relevant links): $25 Amazon Gift Card Entry MapleTree REITs Public Storage Extra Space PeerStreet Lending Club Vanguard Betterment Wealthfront Empire Flippers Glints SmartMat SC Storage Time Stamp – Topic 02:00 – Adjusting to the Millionaire Lifestyle in Singapore 03:00 – Beautiful Lisbon at an affordable price 06:30 – Expenses vs. Income while traveling 08:10 – Cancelling $1.5K auto investment with Wealthfront 08:55 – Saving money with betterment fees 12:00 – Investing with Vanguard directly 13:00 – High risk rating with stocks and index funds 16:45 – Time weighted returns / Money rated return 18:00 – Access to multi- million dollar investors in the Boss Lounge  20:00 – Pausing the dividend reinvestment with Lending Club 23:00 – Wire transferred $10k to Brian at ForEx trading 26:30 – Emailing screenshots of our investment dashboards 27:00 – Creating buy orders through Vanguard 31:00 – Sam’s Wealthfront is crushing Vanguard and Etrade accounts 34:42 – $17K year to date in Vanguard account via dividends 35:30 – What if Lending Club goes bankrupt? 39:00 – Fix income with public property REITS through Mapletree 42:00 – Reinvesting in Glints start-up 43:00 – Full recap on the previous 8 episodes 48:45 – Expecting great guests on future episodes 51:00 – Reading reviews and ratings from iTunes 53:40 – Giving away a $25 Amazon gift card If you enjoyed this episode, do us a favor and share it! Also if you haven’t already, please take a minute to leave us a 5 star review on iTunes and claim your bonus here! Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Read our disclaimer here.

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