The Inner Journey: Saving Your Soul to Save Us All w/ Dr. Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow #371

By Luke Storey @TheLifeStylistPodcast

It's time we came back to Earth, and I can think of no one better to get us grounded than this week's guest: author, spiritual guide, and Earth advocate, Dr. Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow.  I was highly charged after devouring Erin's book, Grounded, which explores the interconnectedness between the natural world and humanity. We can see nature’s history imprinted in the soil and how toxic expressions of masculinity (defined by Erin as patriarchy) rip through the natural Earth – which is an embodiment of the sacred feminine through Erin's lens.  So how do we find roots when the soil is literally being ripped from under our feet?  On the rational side of things, we can return to regenerative farming practices, start composting, and learn from our fungi friends. But things really get interesting when we dive into the spiritual, sacred potential in Earth and see how it relates to the divine feminine, and see how sex, soul, and soil are, in many ways, one and the same.  05:00 — The Return to Roots Working with soil, regenerative farming  The role of fungi in the soil and why mushrooms are our allies Relating soil to feminine sexual energy  Learning how to compost Regenerating earth and business     43:35 — Reframing Environmentalism What I learned after watching The Great Global Warming Swindle The creative life force of the universe and why we need to shift our relationship with Earth Getting caught up in environmentalism How colonization separated us from the land    01:04:18 — Plant Medicines to Reconnect with Nature  The collective elevation of consciousness with medicine experiences  The global renaissance happening right now    1:15:33 — The Way Out of Patriarchy  The collective pain body The masculine expression of ego Conquering cultural marxism to come back to oneness The Goddess Archetype Immersing yourself in natural things   1:51:49 — Expansion Through Sexuality  How an orgy pushed Erin to her edge and how she broke through  Cultivating initiation skills  Releasing shame around sexuality    More about this episode. 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