Getting Naked with a Crowdfund - Emma Style, Killing Kittens

Fundraising Stories with Female Founders

Jul 2019

32 min 3 sec

Fundraising expert Julia Elliott Brown, the CEO of Enter The Arena talks with Emma Sayle, Founder and CEO of Killing Kittens. Emma is on a mission to push the boundaries of female sexual expression. Best known for its hedonistic parties, KK is also host to a global online community of over 100,000 members. In 2018 the company became the first of its kind to crowdfunding publicly, raising £600,000 to develop its digital arm. Emma talks making the most of a crowdfund, having it all with a good team and blazing a trail in the public domain. Turned down by crowdfunding platforms in 2017, Killing Kittens hit the zeitgeist in 2018. With #MeToo in the conversation and sex tech on the rise, the time was right for the company to bare all on Seedrs. Perfect timing. Though perhaps not so perfectly timed with Emma’s pregnancy due date! In this episode you’ll discover… ● How to make the most of the community and transpareny in crowdfunding • Why having a good team is the key to having it all • An insight into blazing a trail in the very public crowdfunding arena For the full video interview, go to

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