34. The Father Wound Pt 2. How it effects kids.

By Jody Sedrick

This week we have a followup discussion with Garret Kroon. We explore how “The Father Wound” affects our children. We look at 4 keys areas where the lack of father engagement has profound effects on children. The four areas Garret shares are the father who is distant, cold, missing in action or completely tyrannical. Show highlights: Going through the motions but really trying to escape through work, sports, or other activities The missing dad - not just out of the house, work, Sports Center Kids long for a connection Neglectful fathers - often don’t have the ability to connect If we didn’t have the connection with our father how are we going to have the ability to connect with our kids How do you develop the ability to understand and empathize with your emotionally wounded kids. The tyrannical and mean father Perception of powerlessness Reverting to yelling, demanding to get kids to respond because you don’t know how to deal with the situation The power of developing self laws Garret’s self law for yelling - Danger, Distance, Dogs, Sports Adopting new kids, not having the attachment exposed weaknesses in my character that I needed to address An aspect of our society that is teaching that men are toxic. Learning to forgive ourselves and then being willing to changes. Garret Kroon krooncounseling.com Thank you for joining me every week. Please check out my other podcast, Choose Don’t Excuse, that I co-host with my wife Judie Sedrick

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