Episode 4: AAPI Healthcare: A Building Block of our Collective American Dream

AAUC Podcast

Apr 25

27 min 44 sec

The wellbeing of our community hinges on good healthcare which is an important building block in our collective American dream. In this podcast we focus on the health crises in our AAPI community during the pandemic of COVID19. Our complex communities face double crises in being disproportionately infected and died as well as being stigmatized as the harbinger of the virus. We are combating the viruses of the disease as well as misguided hate. What we learned from this podcast includes the pandemic only heightens our long, existing problems in overcoming the stigma, language and cultural barriers of being an Asian American and Pacific Islander in the US. A big part of good healthcare, especially in our complex communities that speak 32 different languages from widely different cultures, not only includes early detection, prevention, cure and healing care, it should also be proximal to and advocate for those in needs. The power of advocacy starts with discussing the issues among our family and friends which we all can do.


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