Cemora - Mother Superior of Oakland

By George

The oldest of three, Cemora grew up in St. Louis with a mother who would sing and dance to all of her children. From 16 - 18, Cemora was purely a backup dancer and choreographer for drag queens. It wasn't until a faithful night at a Gay Prom that changed her entire life. At said Gay Prom, Cemora came as a drag queen and won Prom Queen. St. Louis became the new home of a newly born Drag Queen named Cemora.Fast forward a couple of years, when her life was at a breaking point, she finally decided to stop making excuses and moved to Oakland. As soon as she landed in Oakland, she made a name for herself in San Francisco performing EVERYWHERE. After getting burned out and realizing the San Francisco market was over-saturated, she decided to take a break.This brief break provided her with clarity and it was then that she decided to break into the Oakland market. And break into Oakland she did. Now the Mother Superior of Oakland, Cemora is well known in Oakland as the former Show Director of the White Horse Bar and her current role hosting her "The Art of Drag" workshops.Hear more about Cemora's "The Art of Drag" workshops and how her life story influenced her success in this week’s episode of Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast.Follow Cemora on Instagram and Facebook.

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