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#04 Johann Romefort – Being kind and give first

By Katrin Grunwald

Johann is the Managing Director at Techstars for the BSH Future Home Accelerator in Munich. In our interview we talk about Johann’s leadership journey from leading a team of 30 people already during his university studies in France all the way to founding his own start-up in 2007 in San Francisco and now working in the Munich start-up ecosystem. Whilst Johann is a technologist at heart, early on he became aware of the importance of empathy and being kind to people as part of his leadership behaviour. He was recommended to me as an inspiring leader who openly shares his vulnerabilities with his team, so we talk about how according to Johann this is a sign of courage and strength rather than weakness. I think Johann is an excellent role model of sharing his story including the successes and failures and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!

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