From MBA to Tech: Adobe Product Marketing Manager // Paryn Assavanop // Michigan Ross 2019

MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast

May 4

36 min 53 sec

We invited Paryn Assavanop, a Ross MBA graduate from 2019, to share her post MBA career experience as a go to market strategist and product marketing manager at Adobe. You will learn more about how to utilize MBA experience to connect with future role and advantages of doing a dual degree - MBA and MSI Paryn AssavanopBorn and raised in Thailand, Paryn started her career as a business developer, responsible for launching a new product, and made a transition to management consulting at Deloitte, where she was able to obtain lots of international experiences. Since she wanted to go to the tech industry after B-school, she did lots of internships in the tech industry such as Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and also Adobe during the MBA period. By doing a dual degree - MBA and MSI(School of Information) - at University of Michigan, Ross, she tried to fill the gap between her background and future roles.

In this episode we talk about: Overview of Adobe and working as a go-to-market strategist How to be successful product marketer as a foreign employee

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