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005 - Optimize Your Genetic Blueprint

By Dr. Michelle Rogers

I can’t tell you how many people I chat with who feel like victims to their genes, like they have this genetic destiny that is looming over them at all times. They talk to me about how their mom had an autoimmune condition, or their grandfather had heart disease, and I can sense their fear. Fear that they will end up like them… The truth is, we’re not victims, because over 98% of our genetic blueprint can be modified! It’s called epigenetics. So what is epigenetics? In this episode, we'll talk about how our genes can change their expression without altering our genetic code. This means that the choices we make can actually “turn up” good genes while “turning down” or even silencing “bad” genes. BUT this also means, that we can make choices that do the opposite, right? We can end up turning up the bad genes and turning down the good genes, which can lead to various diseases or pathological conditions. Check out this episode to learn more about how you can change the trajectory of your health, starting today!

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