Entrepreneur Success Be Undaunted – Kara Goldin

By Jay Izso

If you talk to the most successful Entrepreneurs in the world you will find that there are many traits that are associated with success.  And one of those traits is being undaunted.  Being entrepreneur requires you to be perseverant even when everyone else wants you to quit.  It means being resilient when you yourself feel like quitting.  As an Undaunted  entrepreneur you must stand up for yourself, putting yourself out there, believing in yourself, your product or service and not letting circumstances dictate your actions.  The fact is if you want success in your entrepreneur life, you need to lead the undaunted life.  And that is true of this weeks guest on A New Direction, CEO and Founder of Hint Water Kara Goldin.  If there is anyone who has demonstrated that success comes from being undaunted she is the poster child. Kara's book "undaunted" is a journey from Kara's beginnings of working in a toy store to having an entrepreneurial idea that she could make a sugar free water taste good and be good for you when she started in Hint.  As you follow along on her incredible journey she shares with you entrepreneur and success lessons she learned along the way that she applied to her everyday living.  And now on A New Direction through her book "Undaunted" she shares with you those lessons so that you can achieve your dream of being an entrepreneur and become the success you were designed to become.  Kara Goldin is one of those guests that you will listen to over and over again! Undaunted is available as an audio book too!  Just click here to get yours right now! Hey friends and listeners I really do appreciate you!  Thank you for listening and please tell your friends.  Also if you would where ever you listen would you give us a positive rating and review!  I would be so grateful. Please like the social media pages and say thank you to our sponsors of A New Direction. EPIC Physical Therapy, they have all the latest equipment, tools, and technology, but what makes EPIC…well…EPIC is their certified staff.  They really do understand that no two injuries or people are exactly the same so they will customize a treatment plan specifically for you.  So if you want EPIC relief, EPIC recovery, and EPIC results whether you are recovering from surgery or overcoming an athletic injury or just want to be a better version of you please contact EPIC Physical Therapy.  www.EPICpt.com Linda Craft & Team, Realtors for 35 years they have remained at the top of the real estate market.  Why? Because they truly are known as the “Legends of Customer Service”.  For 35 years they have built their business by building one relationship at a time.  Linda’s first customer was in 1985 and they still come to see her today, because that relationship is still as important today as it was 35 years ago.  Find out why Linda Craft & Team offer a real relationship difference.  Click on over to www.LindaCraft.com

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