Breaking Barriers Through Conversation To Open Up About A Painful Past | Tracey Nguyen Mang Part 2 S7 E5

A Vietnam Podcast

Oct 6

42 min 4 sec

Join the Seven Million Bikes Community.This episode’s guest, Tracey Nguyen Mang, is the founder and creator of the award winning podcast: The Vietnamese Boat People. This podcast shares the stories of hope, survival and resilience from the Vietnamese diaspora during 1975-1992.Tracey was so interesting and engaging an interview it went for nearly two hours. It's been edited into two parts with bonus content available to the Seven Million Bikes Community.In Part 2 Tracey shares about the Conversation Starter Kit they've developed to help children of Vietnamese Boat People break down barriers and get their family to comfortable open up about their painful past.Read The Accompanying Blog Post.Follow and Listen to the Vietnamese Boat People Podcast here.Season 7 is sponsored by Blue Dragon's Children's Foundation and Saigon Children's Foundation. Please donate if you are in a position to.Follow us on Facebook.Buy us a coffee.-------------------Theme music composed by Lewis Wright.Main Cover Art designed by Niall Mackay and Le Nguyen.Episode art designed by Niall Mackay, with pictures supplied by guests and used with permission.If you order before the end of November Masqd are giving A Vietnam Podcast listeners 20% off orders over 330k. Click the link in the notes to their Instagram or Facebook and message them directly with the code 7MB to get your discount!In 2020, 2,900 disposable masks were thrown away every minute! Protect the environment, yourself and others.

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