S1E6 - Sexual identity Pt.2

By Curiously Strong Pod

We now talk about what our sexuality means for our day to day mental space and relationships. Hear why Trish thinks it’s different coming out in Canada versus the US.  We also discuss the idea that sexuality is fluid and can change over time. The question is: “Is it necessarily our sexuality changing or is our relationship to it changing? What situations am I putting myself in that are going to draw out these sides out of it?” Sexuality is very fluid and weird and nuanced and that is okay, because for every human that exists there is a new way of being. And as language changes, so can labels. We also really get into how sexuality relates to feminism, body positivity, and power.  Lastly we talk all things sex and vulnerability and how important it is to bring these issues to the table. “It’s not about sharing the details of the mechanics of it but you can relate to people on the experience as a totality and what it brings up for you. We all have body issues we have to confront when we have sex. It’s a common experience.”

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