Episode 70 - Sacred Feminine Embodiment

Get Rose: Awaken & Rise to the Spiritual Truth

May 30

1 hr 2 min

What illusions are you living in? In today's world focused on science instead of connection with source, messages can be distorted. It is important now more than ever to create sovereignty within yourself. Today Nikki Ananda (Stearns) joins us to help us ground into our bodies. Nikki has been on the path of the Sacred Feminine for the last 7 years. We discuss the polarities of Masculine and Feminine energy and the importance of integrating both. We touch on reclaiming our sexuality through the millennia of distortion, womb work, and the power of women's circles. We learn that there is great power in being in our bodies versus being in our minds. Our conversation about distortion and illusion also covers the political atmosphere at the moment. We are encouraged to see the bigger picture and approach all situations with transcendence of Ego. Homework: Tune into your genitals & ask 'how can I make this day more pleasurable?'

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