Ep 41: Soothing Your Nervous System And Feeling Vibrant With Ayurvedic Doctor Martha Soffer

This Life Explains It All

Sep 2020

1 hr

In this conversation, we explore: Her incredible story - the one thing that she did that got her live on the right track and create flowing alignment 
⁠The Ayurveda basics - what the modality is and how the different doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) show up in the body. Did you know we might need to get some of the Pitta out of our eyes in the morning?
⁠The benefits of Ayurveda and how we can implement some of the practices at homeMartha takes us through a day in the life of her full out Ayurvedic healing routinePlus so much moreHow to get in touch with Martha:Visit the Surya Spa websiteSurya Spa Instagram Connect with Virra on social media for more life-changing perspectiveINSTAGRAM - @virralifeWEBSITE - www.virralife.comNEWSLETTER - subscribe here

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