Marc Convey @ 23 Digital

By Ellie Hale, Daniel de la Cruz

Meet the Agency Collective:The Agency Collective is a peer support community for agency owners. It's a safe place to talk about your challenges openly – when you need the help most. It provides an opportunity for you to build new long lasting relationships with people who can provide support and leads for future work.Find out more about the AC------About 23 Digital:23 Digital uses the latest film, image capture and simulation technologies to tell visual stories. They are masters of emerging technologies in visual communication, from filmmaking to virtual reality, drone scanning to timelapse. These incredible techniques are then used to create uniquely compelling and immersive stories for clients in many sectors, putting 23 Digital at the forefront of Industry 4.0. They see the tech's full potential to engage people and achieve powerful business results, like enhanced training, streamlined project planning and better marketing. 

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