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157 Charles Beckwith | The Dot Connector

By Harry Duran

Charles Beckwith is the host of American Fashion and Fashion Is Your Business podcast He once ran an online fashion magazine, studied, then dropped out of filmmaking, interned on Dawson’s Creek, and has a network called Mouth Media Network. Phew! We cover all this and more on this fascinating chat. Enjoy! 00:09 - How Charles and I met 02:56 - When he recorded his first podcast 04:16 - How long he had been a filmmaker when he started his podcast 05:16 - The microphone he’s using for this podcast episode 06:01 - How he developed his relationship with Sennheiser 06:55 - Why he feels Sennheiser saw the value of partnering with him and his show 07:48 - Charles explains what fashion technology is 08:37 - Stella McCartney and vegan and environmentally friendly materials 10:58 - The excitement behind wearable tech 11:31 - A company that’s making custom shoes for $250 12:29 - The article he wrote on how the fashion industry could use blockchain tech 13:15 - Syndicated Media’s idea to replace iTunes as the hub of podcast RSS feeds with a blockchain 13:38 - What blockchain technology means 15:13 - Where his love of fashion comes from 15:43 - His most noticeable episodes 17:37 - Why he likes having a panel on his podcast 18:33 - How he’s grown as a host since the start of his show 19:47 - Why he has a love/hate relationship with the show Project Runway 20:15 - Charles explains how he starts every episode of American Fashion 21:30 - What he does with episodes where the conversations weren’t great 22:10 - His network, Mouth Media Network and his first show of the network 24:42 - The podcast player he and his team is developing 28:53 - Whether or not he’s worked on a mobile app before 29:22 - His love of technology, Kevin Kelly from Wired, and the 2600 magazine 30:29 - His piece of fiction in 2600 magazine and his involvement with their conference 31:57 - Mouth Media Network’s different podcasts 32:54 - If he’s ever put a network together before and what he’s learned from creating his network 34:52 - Where he thought he would be at this point in his life 37:01 - His approach to networking and making connections 37:53 - The Stone Soup story 40:55 - When he started to put his skills as a connector to use 42:44 - Something he’s changed his mind about recently 43:05 - The one most misunderstood thing about him 45:14 - What’s got him excited for the upcoming year 47:40 - The podcast conferences he plans on attending this year Full Show Notes:

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