33. Psychophysiology With Dr. Jay Wiles

By Kayla Osterhoff

Today I’m talking with Dr. Jay Wiles who is a clinical health psychologist with specialized training in nutritional psychology, biofeedback, health behavior coaching, health assessment, and complementary and integrative health. He also works as a health consultant for individuals and companies in teaching skills for optimizing mental and cognitive well-being. Dr. Wiles is also the co-host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast and has a strong interest in the interconnection between ancestral approaches to health and better living through science.  On this episode we discuss: - innovations in applied psychophysiology - the link between food and psychological well-being - the epigenetic side of nutrition - how to use food as medicine - why diets don’t work - the importance of mind flexibility - natural pain relief methods - exciting new integrative health modalities - how to use biofeedback to optimize your health - how to put your health data into action - DIY biofeedback methods - the best wearables for self experimentation - the benefits of heart rate variability training - how to improve your HRV - and the most important aspect of health to work on first! To connect with Jay: On Instagram: https://instagram.com/drjaywiles The Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ben-greenfield-fitness/id283908977 His website: https://www.drjaywiles.com Connect with Kayla: Instagram: https://instagram.com/biocurious_kayla?igshid=13k16wei10ytd WB Collective: https://www.thewbcollective.com Iceland Biohacking Trip: https://www.livebeyond.global/iceland-sep19 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/biocurious/message

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