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EP041: How I Grew Money Peach from the Ground Up

By Chris Peach

Behind-the-scenes of how I am growing Money Peach. Over the past few weeks I have interviewed some of the most successful entrepreneurs in their specific niche and have learned a ton myself as the result of having them all on the show. However, all of the entrepreneurs up to this point have (or just about) “made it”. They are wildly successful in both their personal and professional lives, which is why I asked them to come on the show in the first place. But, one thing I haven’t done on the podcast yet is to bring on someone who was still getting started, still finding their way, and still growing their business from the ground up. In this episode I am completely transparent with my own business, Money Peach. What started as an idea (in my bath robe) at my kitchen table has grown into a powerful blog, weekly podcast, and an online training program that stretches all over the United States and now the entire globe! In this episode I share with the the top 10 things I have learned growing my business and the lessons I wish I would have known starting on day one. This episode was a little intimidating for me to record since I do share more about the business than I have before, but I also know this is going to help you with your upcoming dreams, goals, and plans. At the end of the episode, I would be so thankful if you could leave me a comment with your feedback of what you liked and/or didn’t like. My goal is to keep providing the value you want, not the value I think you want :) All the show notes, links, and anything I mentioned can be found at

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