80s Holiday Dinner Draft

Buzzn The Tower

Nov 16

1 hr 4 min

'Tis the season for turkeys, pumpkin pie, potato latkes, fruitcake and family conflict. Every family has a dad that doesn’t believe he found a reindeer, a cousin that empties their sanitation line into your street sewer or a friend who runs a TV network and is having hallucinations of three ghosts. The holidays are a time for food, friends and family. But the friends and family part can get tricky. Today on Buzzn The Tower we try to solve for this issue by drafting the perfect holiday dinner party. We’ll select characters from our favorite 80s holiday movies and break bread with all of them while trying to keep the peace… on earth…. and goodwill etc etc. I’m Mo Shapiro, and joining me as always, the candied yams to my deep fried turkey, Max Sanders.

Podcast Episode