Guest - Take ownership over your life and be the best version of you with Ozlem Ozkan.

Hang And Bang

Apr 8

49 min 12 sec

The guys are joined today by coach, teacher and author, Ozlem Ozkan. Ozlem has a story that many of us can relate to. She was in relationships she didn't want to be in, her career wasn't going in the direction she wanted to go and she knew she was capable of more. This conversation is a wonderful look behind the curtains of how she learned to love herself and begin creating the kind of life she wanted.Things we get into on this episode:What did you learn about yourself from interviewing, Seth Godin, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and one of the most in-demand business leaders?Where do you start when you're just diving into personal development? And how do you navigate making changes when friends and family are a big part of the obstacles you're trying to overcome?How do you work your way through an identity crisis?How do you slow down to enjoy your accomplishments when you have a habit of always looking for what's next?What's possible for your future when you take full ownership over your life?How do you remain in control when your values are being challenged?Want to know more about Ozlem?Ozlem's website, her Instagram, her podcast, her FacebookHere's how you can connect with us.Chris - Simplify Your WhyTom - Home By Nine / Home By Nine InstaDig the outro music? It's from the myth, the legend herself, Dyalla Swain. Big shout out for mixing us up an epic beat. Check out her SoundCloud by clicking here!

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