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049 Monique Nolk - Lead by Example

By Aviv Shahar

Monique Nolk is the Vice President and Worldwide Head of Alliances at Hewlett Packard. She has extensive experience in shaping and negotiating complex deals, leading change and transformation initiatives, and connecting and influencing multiple functions and levels of an organization. In her previous role, she was the Vice President of Operations and merger and acquisition integrations at HP, where she led the integration of the $3B Aruba network acquisition. In this episode, Monique reflects on her current role and breaks down the components of successful alliance and negotiation tactics, where working towards building mutually beneficial outcomes is of the utmost importance. Aviv and Monique discuss the nuances that must be balanced in order to achieve win-win scenarios for both parties involved. Monique shares the insights she has gained over the course of her career to a provide a detailed roadmap on how to arrive at these win-win scenarios. Her strategies include understanding the needs and objectives of those involved in the scenario, simplifying the complex, making the process personable and helping others to navigate through the scenario. Monique is a proponent of fact-based management, as it eliminates emotions that may potentially cloud judgement. Aviv and Monique also define leadership styles and philosophies that they believe are key to success. Finally, Monique offers the importance of treating people with compassion, regardless of culture, age or background. 01:04 – Introducing today’s guest, Monique Nolk 02:48 – Monique discusses what she enjoys most about her work 04:12 – Defining successful relationships 05:31 – How Monique creates win-win scenarios 08:02 – Monique describes working in a male-dominated field 10:58 – How Monique cultivated her keen observation and assessment skills 13:03 – The importance of facilitating others to articulate solutions rather than dictating solutions to them 14:31 – Monique’s early career aspirations 15:37 – Monique’s educational background 16:47 – Spending time abroad in China 18:08 – How Monique’s time in China shaped her world view and perspective 20:17 – Monique recalls how she found her sweet spot 21:54 – Cultivating a sense of humor, wit and a touch of sarcasm 23:15 – How Monique’s career evolved after relocating to Houston 25:30 – Monique shares how she embraces challenges and adversity and turns them into growth experiences 28:56 – Monique’s leadership style and philosophy 31:50 – Aviv and Monique discuss the polarizing impact of social media on society 35:54 – Monique speaks on her passion for travel 39:00 – The importance of compassion and humor 39:46 – Parting words of wisdom from Monique 40:59 – Aviv provides steps to create your new future FULL SHOW NOTES:

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