Climate justice with Dr. Vandana Shiva


Nov 2020

56 min 33 sec

This week I am in conversation with the one and only Dr. Vandana Shiva, a veteran environmental activist, physicist, ecologist and author. We talk about her body of work from agro-ecology to eco-feminism, from bringing Monsanto to heel to the new forms of 're-globalisation' that are occurring and how regardless of who wins the presidential elections in the US our ecological commitment must carry on. There is also a video version of our interview on YouTube where you can see our host gazing with awe and adoration if you wish. There's an exciting announcement in the episode about a new book that Dr. Shiva has released and you can find out more about how to support her and her work at As ever don't forget to like, share, rate, review, follow and subscribe to us for more interesting conversations with environmental heroes on and see you next week.


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