SPECIAL EDITION: Fighting password compromise

The IT Pro Podcast

Jul 2020

33 min 21 sec

COVID-19 is creating a new normal for all of us; not only have face masks and social distancing suddenly become front-of-mind concerns, many businesses are grappling with remote working - and all of the challenges it brings - for the first time.For IT professionals, even familiar challenges have taken on added levels of complexity. In the domain of cyber security, access management and passwords have become a major focus, particularly as use of cloud and SaaS tools balloon and with many users working from unsecured personal devices.In this IT Pro Podcast Special Edition, brought to you in association with Specops, we discuss how security and IT professionals can face these new – and old – challenges head on.Download Specops Password Auditor free: https://specopssoft.com/product/specops-password-auditor/Download Specops Password Notification free: https://specopssoft.com/product/specops-password-notification/Download Specops Password Policy (free trial): https://specopssoft.com/product/specops-password-policy/

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