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Ep. 68 - Masturbating with Betty Dodson

By Billy Procida

Betty Dodson is the infamous Mother of Masturbation. She's the Victor of Vulvas, the Master of Manual Labor, the Sultan of Sexuality, the Captain of Clitorises and the Leader of Labia: Betty Dodson. This 86-year-old feminist icon has been teaching women how to obtain orgasms since the 70s! Not without her controversies with second wave feminists, she has remained a leader in the sexual revolution. It was a damned delight having her on The Manwhore Podcast! Dodson first began teaching her bodysex workshops in the 1970s after attending sex parties and noticing that all of the women were faking their orgasms. So she took it upon herself to teach them how to c*m. "Masturbation is the foundation for all human sexual activity." The octogenarian talks about her own sexual awakening after a lackluster marriage and shares how even she still masturbates in her old age. Plus, she just cannot stop gushing about sex with younger men! "Incest is best," Dodson insists. As a young girl in Kansas in the late 30s and early 40s, she often experimented with her brothers. The Orgasms for Two author advocates for childhood sexual experimentation. And she wouldn't mind teaching a few of them herself! This episode has some controversial, edgy statements but she's not hear to play nice. The bodysex workshop leader also talks about her incest fantasy and the sex games she played as a young girl. You can read more about it in her recent memoir, My Romantic Love Wars: A Sexual Memoir. I walked into Betty Dodson's infamous Madison Avenue apartment and saw a big basket of Hitachi wands and glass penises everywhere. We discuss our favorite sex toys, from her "Big Brother" to c*ck rings to the Pulse by Hot Octopuss. Fellas, take some tips from us on edging and the power of the strokeless orgasm. How old can you go? She asks me if I'm brave enough to bang a famous woman in her eighties who's an expert on sex. =breathes in and finds the courage= Hear about my oldest and her youngest sexual encounters! Agree with her or not, she's been changing the world and she's never needed anyone else's approval. "U.S. government, Board of Education, AASECT certification—go f*ck yourselves! Because I'm doing it my way and I'm batting nearly 100% success rate!" Now she's teaching other people how to teach her infamous bodysex workshops. "I know what I'm doing," she firmly states. Be sure to reserve your tickets to What The Float in August! You-know-who will be leading the dance party!!! Support The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon and receive great rewards! Make your pledge today by visiting my Patreon page! This week's episode is sponsored by edging. Edging: it's not just for men anymore. Email your comments, questions or boobie pictures to

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