21: Fredo

By Spotify Studios

You’ve seen the news on what’s happening on the streets of London, but this is just a glimpse of some of the problems that take place. The reality is a lot worse. The problems that kids face growing up inner city areas are far greater and more frequent than what is reported. It's partly why people relate to UK rap more than ever. It is the voice of the streets, the actual voice of the voiceless. UK Rap gives a vivid uncompromising overview in realtime. For some it’s hard to accept some of the truths that are told.  Fredo is a fascinating artist. He is a 23 year old rapper that has emerged from the Mozart estate in West London, who has very quickly earned his position as one of the respected leading artists within the genre. His music is unapologetically graphic in detail, and sincere to the streets where he was raised. He rarely does interviews and prefers to let his music paint the picture, and tell the story. DJ Semtex sat down with Fredo to talk about his journey so far and his highly anticipated debut album ’Third Avenue’.

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