Ask An Angel! Jason Calacanis & Brian Alvey answer investor questions on picking startups, evaluating founders, due diligence, syndicates, terms & more | Angel S1 E9

Angel | hosted by Jason Calacanis

Nov 2017

1 hr

Ask an Angel! It's a special episode of "Angel," with Jason Calacanis & Brian Alvey (Clipisode, LAUNCH) candidly answer the burning questions of investors and those aspiring to be. Picking startups, evaluating founders, due diligence, Syndicates ins/outs, deal terms and a lot more. Listen and learn!

What’s the best way to verify the customers of a potential investment are happy with the product? - Alan When completing financial due diligence what documents should I be asking for/what am I entitled to? - Sheila How can I tell if the founder is the right fit for the company? - Mark “What is the best way to evaluate a founder for persistence?” - David If an idea sounds exciting but I don’t have any experience in the vertical how do I intelligently evaluate the opportunity? - Brian When I invest via an Angel Syndicate is my identity kept secret? Is my name on the cap table? - Kyle I have a great company for your syndicate, what’s the best way to discuss investment opportunities with you, Jason? - Marianne What is the standard carry? What is the minimum investment? - Craig Do you only accept US based companies? - Bill What opportunities are currently available for non-accredited investors? - Pam Re: closing mechanics...should I expect/demand an escrow type closing where all the $ of the round comes in at once?

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